jet upper tv

new tream for you kids, newbies playin challengers


I’m not entirely sure this is the correct forum for this.

Hell I’m pretty sure there is no correct forum for shameless self plugs

Shameless is our SSStyle~. But in all seriousness, if we’re going to play online, then might as well have an audience and hopefully entertain. Please join us, challenge us, talk to us, Beast on us on our own stream, or whatever you want. Even trolls are welcomed!

JETupperTV test run will be up for another 30 minutes. Please join us for the end of this HISTORIC EVENT!!

JETupperTV finished its first stream. Many thanks to everyone that tuned in. We hope to do many more streams. If we are going to play online, or against people from the community, then they might as well have an audience and entertain. Please join us next time, follow us on twitter, add as on PSN, message us here on SRK or eventhubs. Let us know what you think, what you want to see, any tips, hate mail, or whatever you want. Thanks to everyone that watched, tune in next time.

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