JFL + Non common PCB + Terminal strip = possible?

So I ordered a JLF joystick with some Sanwa buttons for my first DIY joystick. Everything is fine except I just read that the JLF is daisychained and I have the old 360 controller with no common ground. But I thought about something wich the image below will explain.

Is this possible?

Thanks :smiley:

nah, you’ll have to cut the traces on the jlf 5-pin pcb, or desolder the microswitches from the pcb. Then wire each ground from each point to each individual microswitch. Up and down usually share the same ground tho.

Since they are not common ground you can not do it. You need to cut the traces on the PCB and wire the returns to the switches directly.

Is there a good guide out there on how to do that? Thanks

My youtube channel is your friend. Especially this video:


Forgot to thank you for the help you gave me last month. Got my cardboard box stick finished! All wiring done ready for when I get a case. Would rep you if I could :smile:

Did you solder the pad yourself? It might be better, especially later on down the road, to get a late mad catz pad (common). I know it’s more $$$, but I doubt you would regret it later, not to mention way less wiring.
My 1st pad hack was the early wired MS 360 pad and what a pain in the ass!

I might be a little off here, but i can’t se why connecting the gnd points on a non common gnd pcb would not work…

Has anyone tried this?

I’m blocked from YouTube here at work, so I’m not sure what’s in there. But from what I remember, you can remove the PCB and replace them with 4 microswitches (cherry switches fit) and that way you don’t have to mess with the PCB traces. You could probably even trade/sell your PCB.

So I couldn’t have done this to my Namco and have it worked?


What I did was take all the Ground wires from the PCB and connect to Terminal Strip.
Then I took the Ground from 5-pin Cable and connect that to Terminal Strip.

On another Terminal Strip, I connected the four Directional wires from PCB.
Then took the other four wires from the 5-pin Cable and connect to the Strip.

Worked for me.
Or am I not understanding something?

I did the same thing to my Hori EX2.

What the hell? You didn’t even daisy chain the grounds from the stick? Maybe the namco stick is CG.

From that picture you only have one ground from the stick connected to one ground from the pcb. It workd on your namco cause the pcb is common ground. As for the hori ex2 i tried this awhile ago just to see if it would work and it didnt. I had to cut the traces.

Namco is CG.

Oops, now I remember why I did what I did.
And how it worked how it worked.


Sorry guys. :sad:
Yes, looking at my picture again, the Namco is Common Ground.

Thank you KOAB, thank you buyproduct, thank you Toodles.

It it worked it wouldn’t be non-common ground anymore.

Yeah, this wouldn’t work because connecting a signal to a ground other than it’s own also causes some inputs. For example if down and up don’t share a common but you touch the down signal to up’s common, you might get a crouching punch or something else completely random… I noticed this one time when I made a mistake on a matrix wireless padhack for the 360. Took me forever to figure out why a punch was going off every time i crouched.