JFL Shaft height question

I remembered reading somewhere that arcade sticks are approximately 23~24mm from balltop to panel.

Heres a diag of the JLF i intend to use


From mounting plate to balltop, its around 34 mm, this means that even if the stick is bottom mounted , i would need the panel to be at least 10mm thick right

Hence the height of the box would have to be around

10mm (panel + plexi)
34~36mm (mounting plate and below)
2~3mm (base)

total = 46~50mm.

Is this the height of most boxes ? Or do people tend to ignore the optimised 24mm shaft above the panel ?

You can use the S mounting plate to mount the stick deeper in the box if you have a thin top panel.

some people ignore the height, some dont… its all a matter or preference