JFL-TP-8YT with Slikstik Stainless Steel Handles?

has anyone know if that kind of mod is possible? i just ordered 2 sanwa joysticks and im planning to order 2 stainless steel handles for them (if its possible). Also can someone explain me what is the feeling when you play figthing games with octagonal restictor or circular restrictor please? any suggestion is important for me. i planning to build bestest samurai shodown 4 joysticks for myself :slight_smile: thanks…

Good question, and the answer is - I’m not at all sure.

The slik stick handles, from what I recall, are bat top + spindle in one piece. The Sanwa sticks have the spindle built into the stick. I’ve never attempted to remove and replace said spindle, however the prospect of a stainless spindle interests me greatly (no rusting!).

Hmm…tell ya what. Order the handles. Take some measurements, and I’ll volunteer a stick of mine to compare against.

do not buy this shit. They are too heavy, alter the dynamics of joystick. Sanwa has weak spring.

balltop on left SilkStick

I’m more interested in the stainless steel shaft, not so much the ball or bat-tops. How’s the weight there? Is it still too much?

The reason I ask is that there are people on these boards that prefer to double up the sanwa springs to get a stiffer response (typically people “raised” on Happ ultimate sticks), so it’s not out of the question to use a stainless shaft and double up the springs to get a proper response. If it meant the shaft would never rust out, I’m sold.

also there are aluminnium slik stiks…i think they are more lighter…the guestion is if i buy them will they fit on sanwa joystick? if the slikstik tops are removable maybe i can only change tops???

You could just do it yourself. All you need is a (metric) tap and a drill press.

anyone here knows if the slikstik tops can be removed? if so im going to order them?
chippermonky’s idea seems good…maybe i can bring them somewhere who has that kind of accessories…help please…i need someone who has that slikstiks…thanks