JiBbo Special Request: SF4 Flyer


With the release of SF4 and everybody getting the game and playing, I’ve made it a goal to organize gaming within my university and hopefully to make something out of it. Next semester I aim to make an official organization for competitive fighting games, but for now I’m holding weekly SF4 gatherings at the dorm I currently live at.

I’ve gotten persmission from the person in charge of the building, so my program is officially recognized and good to go. All I need is a flyer. :sweat:

I could just go into microsoft word and type in all the information, but what I would really like is something of high quality. If you’ve seen the Sinsation Fight Club or the Street Fighter Bar Fights flyers, this is the kind of work I’m looking for.

Here’s all the basic information I need on it:

  • Tuesday Night Fights! (this is the name of the program)
  • Hosted by: David-Paul “AutoMattock” Mattock
  • Tuesday 6-9pm, Downstairs in the Phillip-Hawkins Residence Dorm
  • Street Fighter 4

Other than that, the design is completely up in the air. To anybody who is interested in this project and helping me out please PM me or post up and we’ll work something out.

Thanks a bunch!


here’s one of the flyers for the tournament i helped run a few weeks ago:

http://i44.tinypic.com/28txkyv.jpg - 8.5 x 11 inches, 100 DPI

if you want something like that, let me know. just throw me some ideas, and i’ll get to work on it. :tup:

also, what size paper are you printing these flyers on?

not so ninja [e]dit:

doh, i missed some of your post. my skills aren’t nearly as high as those of the people who made the Sinsation and SF Bar Fights flyers.

for the record, Sas (:d:) made the Sinsation flyer.


Street Fighter Bar Fights

Who made that one? Very fierce.


that bar fight flyer is nice.