JiBbo's approach to Sagat: Match-ups Edition



Hi! I’m gonna post stuff here so all five or six of you can read it and make a big difference in the world.


  • Sagat stand forward counters shoto low forward. Further, you can buffer HP+HK at a range where it will only activate as a counter poke. Knowing this range can be tricky and took me some experimenting to perfect it, but it’s certainly deadly as knowing all your options to tag out and do damage/recover health is key to this game. Basically, I can potentially get 300ish meterless damage from shoto hitting low forward.

  • Carefully space where jumps would land while you’re involved with the fireball war. Know exactly where he would land if he were to jump or jump tatsu and use the correct DP to AA. Close range you want a late jab dp and further away, fierce.

**JURI **

  • Build meter with Fake kick from a distance is the go to thing to do before throwing low tiger shots. You can’t really jump at her or play confident footsies. Walking your way in and zoning into her footsies are just not in your favor. Forward tiger knee to start pressure is considerable.

  • Mostly jab dp her close range jumps. Strong DP if it’s not precisely close. Fierce DP if she wants to randomly dive kick like an idiot.

  • Whenever she charges a fireball and I’m outside of her jump range, I’ll answer with a RH fireball as quickly as possible. This causes her to not be able to have the time to punish with a reactionary dive kick. At best she can use her parry to gain meter from the fireball. She does not take damage but she also loses some positioning. To me, dealing with this situation is what defines the pace of the match.

  • You can counter pokes her low forward with stand forward, just as you can with shotos though it’s not as effective.


  • his low forward > stand rh common chain is punishable with super. I believe high step kick as well.

  • Basically a classic street fighter match. Throw fierce fireballs. Fireball him to the corner. Throw more fireballs. Throw jab/short fireballs if he’s just sitting on a charge.


  • Low tiger shots shut down special step.

  • Basically, Jin has to jump at sagat or play a unique fireball war. Jin either has to hit sagat with penetrating fist or place them in front of him so that sagat can’t extend his hands to throw a fireball.

  • Jin can use power stance to absorb fireballs to employ various SPECIAL TACTICS to help him zone in.


  • This might be a match either 5-5 or slightly in Chun’s favor. It depends on the match variables. She can actually compete with Sagat’s fireball with her own and she can punish fireballs with her super. She also has better movement and great footsies, so it’s really tough to get close to her. With her excellent back dash it’s hard to start a wake-up game on her.


I’ll write more here when I feel like it! Maybe.


Do you feel like writing anything about Rufus or Marduk? Having trouble with their low long poke and backfist/air-grab respectively.


Yeah, a Duk was blowing me up yesterday online with his st.HK. That range is very deceptive and beats out a lot of Sagat’s footsies.