Jill Arrow Kick Trick/Glitch?



So I was messing with Jill in level 3 X-factor a while back and I noticed that after an arrow kick Jill would occasionally NOT back flip after connecting with the opponent, allowing her to immediately dash forward or perform any other action. What causes this, and is there a way to trigger it on command, possibly without x-factor? I think I’ve seen it in maybe one video, I’ll post it if I find it.

Edit: Found it, credit goes to Brian Kasugano from the Brazillian FGC. As you can see at the 1:27 mark, Jill combos into Arrow Kick, but rather than back flipping, she flies WITH sentinel and continues the combo with Air normals. When I discovered this independently in X-factor 3 she recovers fast enough to dash as the enemy hits the wall if done from mid-screen. I’m going to message Brian and ask him how it’s done, but does anyone here know how? There’s got to be tones of tech to be thought of with this.



This was discussed a while ago in these threads. I’m not sure if this is the only way to cause it but you have to be pretty deep in the other characters hurtbox. So far I don’t think anyone has found any real uses for it though or they just didn’t post anything on it. I can only get it to work consistently on Sentinel.


You have to land it while they are falling and their hit box has to be very low. Here a crappy video I made using it… dood:


Yo… that was godlike.