Jill fell out of a window. The Chris Redfield Teammates discussion thread



This thread is the designated place to discuss what characters you believe go best with Chris, or which characters can best use Chris as an anchor or assist.

First of all, let me say that my experience with Marvel 3 is just as limited as yours. However, unless this game turns out to be drastically different strategy-wise from MvC 2, I think it’s pretty safe to start by covering his weaknesses.

In the matches I’ve played, I’ve been able to keep moderate control of the ground game with Machine Gun, Mines, Magnum, and jump back + Shotgun. But Chris can’t really occupy the top half of the screen with projectiles, so I figure that’s the first thing we can work on.

Right now, my team is Chris/Spencer/Chun.

Spencer’s B assist (Wire Grip Slant Shot) shoots his grapple arm at an upwards angle and will catch most people in the air far away from you. On contact, you can dash forward into a combo.

Chun is on my team because her Y assist (Lightning Legs) is awesome regardless of what team she’s on. But I’ll be honest, this has little to do with Chris. I’m just using her as a beginner, and I’m certainly open for someone else taking this spot.

Let the discussion begin… What are Chris’s major weakness that his teammates can address? And what are your first ideas for teams that center around Chris?


I would recommended Armor Piercer for Spencer, with this team getting in may be difficult against projectile run away heavy teams
you will need someone to help cover chris as he attempts to get in on the opponent. At least one projectile character assist here

my team is Chris/Deadpool/MODOK

I may replace deadpool but I need to see how places in a tournament setting

Wekser and Chris work well together(Josh)…Chris’s open fire helps wesker close the gap on zoning teams pretty well or allow for teleport shenanigans and they can work with almost any character…if Jill is solid then Resident Evil may be one of the most balanced teams in the game


Chris/Wesker/Hsien Ko

I’m gonna spam magnum with chris, use jaguar kick for extenders, and dark force pendulum for godlike anti air.

People in hsien ko thread recommend having her start, get a knockdown then use dark force then swap out. It’s a tough set up, but some people are having success just by hitting the oppenent with a stun star projectile once.


chris/sent/doom has been what im running.

doom covers dash ins by chris, and also has a fast enough start up + juggle if it hits to give you time to hit them with the magnum and make them GTFO you. sj shotgun or magnum in air to air contests, and if someones trying to super jump in on you throw out a proximity mine and try to get them to back into it. also throwing nades alot will help.

chris has some nice combos but rushdown IMO shouldnt be your main focus. and if he dies then you have sent/doom who work REALLY well together


This is what I think, as well. I think he’s supposed to turtle and frustrate people from 3/4 to full screen.


Check out the FADC.com video with evil rahsaan, he has a set-up where you fire out a gong, activate dark force and swap out, apparently your opponent can’t jump over the gong to punish. I think some characters can just hyper through it though so it might be more of a gimmick than a legitimate strategy.


Sounds like a super easy way to eat a hyper. It’s situational. Against anyone without a beam hyper its probably really good.


Chris/Haggar/Taskmaster. Chris is built to zone all day long and he’d benefit from assists that allow him to do just that. Haggar’s Lariat is the best anti-rushdown assist in the game whereas Taskmaster’s Aim Master H is a slightly ghetto version of Doom missiles. Why use Taskmaster instead of Doom if his assist, while great, isn’t as great as missiles? Because he’s better at zoning than Doom and less assist-dependent. Doom needs to get the opponent into the corner and then get close to them to deal decent damage. Taskmaster doesn’t.

Really, I don’t think there’s any character I’d rather have as my last guy standing than Taskmaster (aside from Phoenix, obviously).


my team right now is chris/trish/morrigan.
chris using grenade toss
trish uses low voltage
and morrigan uses shadow blade


Been working with Chris, Trish, Dorm/Sent/Doom. Really liking Chris and Trish together


Been finding out some tricks with Chris/X-23/Sent
Chris with the grenade toss just to help setup x’s resets and mixups
X-23 anti air/gtfom assist (ghetto, I know)
Sent with the bomb raid for the rushers /drones for other zoners

It’s not the best team, but I’ll make it work if not, I’ll replace either x-23 or sent with ammy/morg meter building assists so chris can spam his grenade launcher if needed :laughs:


My team:
Chris (Gunfire)/Trish (Peekaboo)/Weseker (Jaguar Kick).

Trish is second for better DHC order. Peekaboo is amazing as a move on its own but as an assist it’s Godlike. Chris can easily follow-up with Stun Rod> whatever, or at the very least Flamethrower after Peekaboo connects. She is also great to DHC into and she has many uses for all the meter Chris builds.

My Wesker is still on a very low level, but I can already tell he may turn out a great teammate for Chris. His Jaguar Kick assist is particularly great for Chris because of the range it covers (like 65% of the screen). I use it as a ghetto projectile assist. There are some nasty combos if you call this and cover Wekser with Magnum. Chris’s Gunfire Assist is a geat tool to lock the opponent for his teleport shenenigans… I think. I really need to train more with Wesker.


I played for the first time today and so far I like chris/haggar/another.

The haggar assist is good as most people have been saying, it’s good to get characters off.

I also tried spencer slant claw. I thought it was pretty good but I’m not sure how much I like to play as spencer. The assist covers a nice area so I’d pair it with jumping d+H. It makes a cool x space to control.

I also tried dante and that seemed ok. Using his gun assist seems like it could be useful for enhanced zoning.

I think what I’m looking for most that last character is one that Chris can use to land some big damage. Either through a combo with assist, DHC, or air exchange, whatever gets the damage is what I’m looking for most right now.


chris/morrigan/dorm bOOby Trapppp!!!:wow:


I’d imagine Sent’s drones would be a good assist for Chris. The slow projectiles would help Chris’ zoning and would help him approach if he was going in for trap/chip.

Thinking MODOK’s shield might be good just to throw out there if the opponent has an opening of escape. That why, if you throw it out pre-emptively, if they try to attack then they would just hit the shield and you could possibly go for a counter. This is just theory crafting though.


I use Dante’s Jam Session and Doom’s Molecular shield. Dooms Molecular shield is really good to help him close the distance or to keep up the pressure. that or Sentinel Force(charge) its really a matter of preference.


Sentinel just seems like the best partner for chris u can use his drones that go up or his carpet bomb assist and not to mention you get a safe DHC against most of the cast as long as they r 1/2 screen away(granade launcher DHC into Hyper Sentinel Force).Really only cap and magneto can punish sentinels Hyper Sentinel Force.


Honestly Sentinel teams with everyone too well. Nobody can do shit about slow-ass drones except hsien-ko.


True i really hate sentinel but hes so damn good its rediculous


For right now, I think we can agree that Sentinel is practically an auto-include for Chris. Almost forces the opponent to jump, and if they don’t we can do stuff like dash forward - flamethrower, set mines, push away with magnum/machine gun, or maybe go for a crossup.

For the third character, should we turtle more with [Arthur, Modok, Deadpool] or have a rushdown fiend like [Zero, Wesker, Chun, Storm]?

Chun might be a good idea, she rushes well on her own or with Sent, and her assist gives Chris a nice OTG into Super.