Jill infinite combo



Hey guys

is everyone aware of Jill’s infinite combo? It’s out of the Brady guide.

Basically, it’s just d,d,S xx L xx d,d,s xx L …

I’ve gotten up to 5 repeats but on the 5th one I always f*** it up and launch. I’m starting to feel like maybe it’s not a real infinite but it’s fully possible that I am just shit and unable to keep my fingers pressing properly after 5 reps.

Any tips on this?


It was removed. It’s only possible to do 5 or 6 reps.


Oh? When was that announced?


It wasn’t. The guide even tells you that the properties mentioned in the guide may not be in the final version.


I’m proud u found out this loop, sadly the most tracked repeats IS five to my knowledge, so don’t worry, your not trucking up, ur just subconsciously realizing the limit and going for that launching combo :slight_smile:


Hahah, you guys are correct. This morning I was flipping through that guide when I read about that infinite. I found a -really- easy way to do it by tapping :d:+:l: :d:+:s: and repeating in a rhythm. 5 was the highest I could get without x-factor, although you can then launch them. The damage is minimal.


It’s much easier just to hold L, and press: down, down, S.


sry i don’t understand the dds xx L xx dds. is that down down special, no idea what xx is and L for low attack?

trying to figure out how to do this.


I’ll have to give this a shot.

It doesn’t work, but he means down twice followed by S then press L, then cancel that with another down twice followed by S then press L and repeat.


Duplicate thread, it’s a good thing I’m in a good mood.