Jill mission 10 - please help, I am having alot of trouble


I’m having a lot of trouble with Jill mission 10.
I’d love to hear any advice to beat this mission, which I hear is the hardest mission in all of MvsC3.

Right now my main problem is I cannot connect the c.M after activating Mad Beast, let alone teleport to the other side and do the c.L, c.M, c.H & the rest of the combo.

Any advice at all will help. Thank you very much.

Ugh…nevermind. I completed it finally. Only took a few days of trying O_o
Here’s what I learned

A) First practice the c.L, c.M, c.H to Flip & Cartwheel kick loop
B) Then practice doing the entire combo

A) In a corner practice the c.L, c.M, c.H to the Flip & Cartwheel Kick loop.
It is NOT done by going as fast as possible. Go as fast as possible = FAIL.
Only press exactly what you need and no extra motions.
There is a tiny delay after first Flip kick to first cartwheel.
You’ll need to achieve a near robotic level of exact timing to pull it off, but its not that hard once you find the rhythm. At first start slow, then slowly speed up.
For some people, doing a tiger-knee motion instead of a quarter circle motion helps.

When the combo breaks one of three things usually happened
***** Did Jill do nothing? You inputted next command too fast.
***** Did next attack not connect & just whiffed the air? You went too slow.
***** Did Jill teleport? You didn’t input command correctly (sometimes Jill will also teleport if you hit attack button right on the forward motion… can’t do that “Down, Down-Forward, Forward+M” here, its more like “Down, Down-Forward, Forward, M” for some reason)

Do NOT just restart every time you mess up, take a quick second and figure out what went wrong, and then try to improve on it. Just a quick look at the direction inputs and if one a direction input is missing go “a-ha, I didn’t press all the motions so she teleported” and you’ll subconsciously make the effort to press all motions next time. Did it whiff & not connect? Take a quick notice of it and next time you’ll go a little faster. Do this and you’ll become better at doing the loop faster.

Don’t worry if you aren’t good at doing the quarter circle motion consistently, you will be after this.


I practiced doing the loop while facing left, Jill being on Dormammu’s right, even though I was more familiar (and could do it easier) when Jill faces right. I did this because I expected to restart many times and then do the combo without switching sides, meaning doing the loop while facing left, but you’ll have to decide what is best for you. Either way won’t really matter, once you get the rhythm down you’ll find either direction relatively easy.

Put Dormammu in a corner, activate Mad Beast, do the c.L, c.M, c.H and then the loop where you ping pong Dormammu between flip & cartwheel kicks. There seems to be a small delay after the first flip kick, but after that every attack is the same amount of delay (roughly 0.400 seconds). Although the window of error is small (maybe just three frames?), just get the rhythm and after a while it will feel easy. It’ll seem impossible at first, but not really. You’ll be doing extra flip & cartwheel kicks before you get frustrated enough to say its impossible. It might also help if after every quarter circle motion to remove you thumb off of the control pad. It took me about 40 minutes of practice before I think I got it down, still not able to do more than two loops in a row, but it does feel kind of like riding a bike. You will achieve that robotic level of exact timing needed for this.

After I was able to do the loop two times in a row then I started on part B, which is doing the whole combo from start to finish.

B) The second c.M, after the Mad Beast super, seems to be inputted right after Jill crouches in the super’s cutscene but before the cutscene itself ends. If done correctly Jill won’t say “Take it!” like usual, but instead will say “Take Th-AAAAAAH!”, where the “AAAAH!” is the crouching M attack sound.

After teleporting to the other side and doing the c.L is tricky, I don’t know how to describe it, but it seems to be that pressing the c.L just before the teleport animation ends is the way to go. After the c.L, immediately do the c.M. After the c.M, delay the c.H so Jill slides closer to Dormamu to make sure it hits. If you don’t want to do this (I didn’t) you can begin the combo at a small distance from Dormammu. Not starting with Jill immediately in front of Dormamu but rather at just under max range for first c.M to still connect, so that when you teleport to other side you will be closer to Dormammu. Another alternative is to just push Dormammu into a corner, so that when you teleport into that corner you will be as close as possible to Dormamu, but its a hassle to do that every attempt so I didn’t do that too often.

Remember on hit 14 is when you do the machine gun super.

Keep practicing, you’ll get it… even if it takes a few days. If I can do it on a control pad, I’m sure you can do it too.

(taken from a post I made elsewhere, writing it down here b/c I don’t know how to delete message, and might as well leave advice than just a “Never mind I did it” type of message


Yeah that one is a pain. Congrats.

Tnx for advice, I’m currently trying this one randomly.