Jill Strategy


I new to the Shoryuken boards so I am going to start by posting strategies for Jill. I would consider her a lower second tier character who can easily tear through legions of scrubs. The only thing she really lacks is Anti-Air, but that can be remedied with assists, right:cool: ?

My thoughts on Zombies:

A lot of people don’t like zombies, but I think they are essential to Jill’s gameplay. First, you must avoid the grabbing 1K zombies. They are worthless (contrary to popular belief). They can be easily destroyed and never connect except after a ground roll (maybe). The flaming zombies have some unique properties, though that you should take advantage of. As you know, they are a bit tougher to dispatch and serve as a distraction. A Jill player should do anything to distract a player in hopes of (1) landing a crouching 1K, (2) landing her launcher, or (3) nailing them with a Hyper Elbow tackle if they attempt anything stupid. Most players don’t realize that they can simply block the Flaming Zombie, and will try their best to avoid it and/or kill it. After you summon the zombie, dash in and throw out a flurry of quick attacks and combo if any one of them connect. As the zombie closes in summon a good pressure assist (such as Tron’s Proj., Doom’s rocks, or Sentinel Ground) and quickly jump to the other side to perform a cross-up. The objective here isn’t exactly to hit with the zombie, but to pressure the opponent into attempting costly stunts. If they put on an overwhelmingly good defense, the chip damage should be well worth it.

When to summon zombies? Only when an assist covers you. Ideal partners should be Storm Proj. or Sentinel Ground (never use both - that would be cheap:lol: ).

I’ll post more info later. Ciao!

I forgot to mention that Jill’s Flaming Zombie can pass through some HC’s. Case in point: Shuma’s Hyper Mystic Smash - The zombie will simply wade through the projectiles. Cool, huh? There are probably others, but I can’t think of any off hand. Anybody?

My Jill Team:

Jill(Dash)/Tron(Proj.)/Psylocke (AAA) - This is my personal fave. Tron and Psylocke compliment just about everyone, and Jill is no exception. These 3 have tremendous damage potential (esp. Tron) and have above par mobility. Just be careful when you summon your projectiles, because these assists won’t cover you all that well. There’s always a catch.:bluu:

Other Good Team Members:

Sentinel (Ground) - Awesome coverage and lockdown properties
Blackheart/Cable - Good AAA’s against flyers
Storm - Mobility, Runaway, Chip, DHCs, everything…
Felicia (Expansion) - Like Jill? You’ll love the kitty girl. They play very similar.
Roll - Aww…C’mon! Who doesn’t like Roll?! Great priority on that throw.:stuck_out_tongue:

Side notes:(1) Does anyone use Jill’s Baretta Counter? I can’t seem to find any use for it. Or her grenade launcher for that matter…(2) Try using Jill’s HP elbow charge as a ghetto air dash. It is really quite useful since it travels the entire length of the screen.

jill intresting

Ive always liked jill but i could never find her affective
vs top tier characters…

ive also tried using her ghetto air dash but it can be
easily stopped by the opponents assist…

I think she is best used on a fun team or something like that…

if I were to use her it would be
Cable/Doom/Jill or IronMan/Doom/ Jill
but those teams probally both suck…
And any team suffers using her suffers because her assists
are horrible…

But ive found that her anti air can stop magneto rushdown
sometimes…(wierd huh)

I would use Magneo psylocke/ jill

But im having trouble using magneto to his full potential,
most probally because my joystick moves too dame much
when im hyper grav, mag tempest…

My real team is: Cable/Doom/Ironman
Working on: Mag/psy/ironman

PS: I find her counter okay when stopping magneto rush down
just predict…

I read something about her counter into a super or something
like that but im not sure…(read it a while ago)

C.america might be a better choice, he anti air assist is okay and
his dash assist goes though projectile crazy character,
he takes damage well, has a super that goes through beam supers,better to have last than capcom WHY??

He fights better:
Double jump
Takes Damage well
long range attacks
Good OTG and air combo
Somersault goes through anything accept throws…

Anyway if you can find anymore ways to make jill a better
character more power to you, ill be checking out this thread now
and then, so I give you props for using characters you like
instead of being forced to use sentinal storm shit…


Another interesting fact about the flaming zombie is that Jill can summon other creatures (such as crows and dogs) without knocking it down. This gives your opponent quite a few things to put up with. Adding assists to the mix makes things even crazier.

Don’t forget to pushblock! Summon a zombie and jump over to the other side of the opponent (use assists for cover). If he jumps, call out a good AAA and forget the zombie ever connecting. However, if he sticks out an attack, block and push him into the zombie. This is one of the few instances where the 1K zombie proves more useful. Nail you opponent with a combo into the Hyper Elbow Tackle if the Zombie connects. Don’t even try to attempt the Tyrant HC. Upon activation, the zombie will immediately fall to the ground.

Jill’s Assists:

Okay, everyone knows that heal type is worthless. If you don’t, you will as you start playing more of the game. It is simply too slow and risky. On the plus side, it is the best Heal type in the game. That’s good, right?

Some people have tinkered with her AAA (actually I think it’s called projectile type for some reason). Jill comes out and shoots her grenade launcher. The only plus for this assist is that since it is a projectile, the priority is unmatched. I don’t really know much more about it. Anybody?

I prefer the dash type. Sure it only hits once, but it goes full screen and isn’t entirely useless. The priority is good. This is the only type which will allow Jill to perform her Hyper Elbow Tackle in a THC. Of course if you use Psylocke AAA like I do, THC’s are pretty useless.

Random Semi-Pointless Jill Fact 1: Jill’s back dash shows the same animation as her baretta counter.:wink:

Correction: In my first post, I mentioned that it was possible to block the Flaming Zombie but not the 1K Zombie. Well, it seems (now that I’ve actually paid attention to the undead creatures) both zombies cannot be blocked. I can’t believe I’ve played as Jill so long, but didn’t know that until now…Well, at least it’s good info. Let the mind games begin :wink:

My Feelings on Jill’s Zombie Dogs:

Well, this is Jill’s projectile, but I must say that this may be one of the worst in the game. What’s the point of a projectile if it can be detroyed?! Especially if it has horrid recovery (on par with Roll’s Mega Buster). I cannot believe Jill even has this move! Ah well…avoid dogs at all costs unless (1) You want to show off or (2) Your opponent has no HC gauge or far reaching normals/specials. Capcom could have done much better with this move, but sadly Jill must rely on assists for far-reaching projectiles and/or beams.:depress:

Random Semi-Pointless Jill Fact 2: During Jill’s Baretta Counter, aim for 9 hits instead of ten. It takes a bit more damage surprisingly. Thanks to the Kao Megura Guide over at gamefaqs.com for this semi-pointless info.

Next up: The Crow

Jill’s Crows:

Unlike the dogs, this special is very useful. Jill will summon a crow (ducking in the process) that will cross the screen in a “u” shaped arc. This is a good anti-air and the hit area is unconventional and surprising. Since it covers the entire expanse of the screen, the crow can be used to knock annoying flyers from the sky. The crow can also be used vs. grounded opponents because it swoops incredibly low. Of course, don’t pull this move against a grounded Roll or Servbot for obvious reasons.

Crows work well in conjunction with zombies, too. Summon a 1K zombie and summon a crow just before it comes in contact with the opponent. The crow will knock the undead creature down face first, allowing it to chew the ankles of whoever it comes in contact with. Very cool:p

Crows + Flaming Zombies = Devious Jill. Since the crow will not destroy the flaming zombie, and it is an AA of sorts, it forces the opponent to either (1) jump away and/or block, (2) waste an HC and destroy them both, or (3) take a hit since the F. Zombie cannot be blocked. Why not just destroy the F. Zombie instead without the use of HC? Well, since the Crow’s arc is so low, it puts a lot of pressure on your opponent to simply do away with one without being hit by the other. Remember, Jill will be calling out assists as well, and Jill needs but one clean hit to land a devestating combo into her Hyper Elbow Tackle HC.

Random Semi-Pointless Jill Fact 3: Jill’s d/f+HP launcher takes 14 damage while her d+HP launcher takes 13 damage even though the animation and properties are the same. Whatever… :rolleyes:

Bonus Random Semi-Pointless Jill Fact 4: During Jill’s starting animation, she will sometimes toss a key in her hand before saying “Come On!” Other times she will toss an ink ribbon like the ones in RE instead.

Next up: Jill’s HCs (Comments are very welcome!)

Jill stuff

Jill doesnt need keys, she the master of lockpicking,
but I think she should save the ink ribbon, incase tyrant
turns on her when she calls him out…:lol:

The flame zombie cant be blocked huh?

If this is true than she could be better than I thought
I got to try it out later…

I dont think that the crow hitting the zombie down will
help any, inless someone is trying to rush you down,
most advanced players know this and they will
not fall for this tactic, to tell you the truth I think
Cable owns jill, I mean one placed beam and it takes
out the little trap you were trying to set up…:lame:

Dame I wish jill had what it takes to be a top tier character
but at least shes better than hayato in terms of strategy,
I got to find an infinite for jill some how, some way,I mean
if sabertooth has a infinite now than she’s gotta have one some

One thing did work well though that you mentioned,
when they tech roll, calling the zombie out to catch them helped out a lot(had the oppenent looking like this after->:mad:

as a side note your thread is going pretty well

putting her in with someone like doom is pretty good
in my opinion c.lkX2, c.fk, OTG with doom AA, into tyrant…
(Very sweet:cool: )

Thats all for now ill check in a little later…

Yeah, Cable proves to be a difficult opponent for Jill. First of all, it forces Jill to avoid all her projectile based summons because of thier tremendous lag. However, I have heard her Grenade Launcher has been able to knock Cable out of his AHVB (assuming the round has already left the gun before Cable performs the HC) . The second disadvantage for Jill is that she is forced to close the distance for any of her combos to work. Sure, she can wavedash, but Cable’s s. HP will take care of that. This is where Jill fails where other dialers (such as Felicia) do not. Felicia, for example, has her wall cling, delta kick, rolling buckler, and Hyper Sand Slash which allow her to not only play safe (with the right assists) but also allow her to quicly close and punish mistakes. This is not to say Jill cannot do anything. She can superjump and hope for the best, and try her best to close the distance as she lands If all else fails, she can DHC…:wink: Plus, finding Cables that will constantly do the AHVBx3 with the right timing is fairly rare.

Random Off-Hand Jill Combo 1:
j.lk, j.mk, cr.lk, cr.mk, cr.hk, Elbow Tackle (or Hyper Elbow Tackle)

Random Semi-Pointless Jill Fact 4: The round from Jill’s grenade launcher hits twice upon contact. Shrapnel perhaps?:confused:


any jump in combo, land, dash in s.lk, s.lk, c.fk,

fierce or light elbow tackle (1 Hit), Rocket Launcher Super…

(Sorry I just realized that its the same combo you posted,
I guess in my old age of 18 altimers is catching up with me:lol:

I’ll experiment with her combo ability a little more and
hope fully ill be able to post some resets and or devestating

Maybe a good counter team for cable would
be Jill/Doom/Cable/ Or Jill/ Doom/ Magneto(rush that shit down)
using mag first to take out cable…

Another one might be some type of jill/Blackheart type
team, only because his AA assist would keep cable locked down
if done correctly, allowing Jill to maintain or pursue her
crow, dog, zombie trap, while still trying to combo or attack
cable phsically so you wont eat the AHVB, and Blackhearts
assist usually hits the other assist thus stopping Cable in
his tracks…

( besides the only one I see giving jill the biggest
problem is Cable, in my opinion.:bluu: )

I have another team that i am currently working on:


This team is actually pretty good because I have 2 assists
for BH to set up his infinite…

But, I have been thinking to try BH/IM/Jill,
just so I could play better against cable…(+ I like BH )
Ironmans AA would help both BH and Jill set up combos
and possibly tyrant:evil: …

  • jill combo into magic series, elbow tackle, HET, than Armagedon.

I havent tried this yet but im already positive it works, trust me…

Or Jill ground combo into HET, Proton Cannon, Judgement Day.

Or Judgement Day into tyrant <-(but I dont know if that one
will work yet but ill try it out later…

BH also helps IM out with his assist…

Then again Blackheart himself might give jill a little bit of
trouble…:eek: :o :lol:

Bye for now…

Jill’s crow can guard break if timed correctly. Just thought i’d note that out.

I’ll try the guard break. I had no idea she could do that. Great!

Neo Odin - Blackheart may be a rough match for Jill as well, but not nearly as bad as Cable. I’ve never met a really good BH player. Strategies?

Jill’s HCs:

I won’t be too specific here as you are probably familiar as to how Jill’s HCs behave. I will say that I use only her Hyper Elbow Tackle. It is perfect in air combos as well as OTG. The rocket launcher HC looks cooler, but I find it less practical (even though it can be worked into a few combos).

And then there’s the Tyrant HC…:cool: Well, it may just be the worst HC in the game. Yes, that’s right. The damage is great, but landing it is near impossible. Scrubs don’t even fall for it! However, I have heard that certain assist related setups make it easier to land (Servbots Grab assist perhaps LOL?) :wink: Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Random Semi-Pointless Jill Fact 6: The Tyrant HC can OTG for 1 point of damage.
Random Semi-Pointless Jill Fact 7: Pressing QCF+any kick during the Tyrant HC will result in Jill getting up and blasting the thing with her rocket launcher. It adds a few more points of damage, but wastes an extra bar of meter. Avoid unless you want to impress the crowd.

Feel free to comment and add your favorite combos to the thread.

Next up: Character-specific strategies and combos

Did you know you can be hit OTG if your opponent happens to block Jill’s Rocket Launcher HC? It seems that when Jill falls onto her back, she is in for a world of hurt even at extreme range. This is yet another reason to stick with the Hyper Elbow Tackle - exclusively. I have been hit recently with both Cable’s Viper Beam and BBHood’s Cool Hunting super after failing to combo the Rocket Launcher. Sad but true. :depress:

Try this combo:

s.LP, s. LK, Launch sj., LP, LK, Elbow Tackle (1 hit), Hyper Elbow Tackle.

This combo hits 16 times for 67 damage. Not too shabby…Be sure to quickly cancel the Elbow Tackle into the HC though. The Elbow Tackle should only hit once.

Random Semi-Pointless Jill Fact 8: Jill’s Rocket Launcher HC takes more damage if she doesn’t launch her opponent as she pulls it out. Of course, don’t expect it to connect… :lol:


About the flaming zombie, it can be easily blocked, and
is not unblockable.

I recently tried it on the computer in training I put the CPU
on gaurd all, and it was able to easily block it…

Another thought though, I know that you can blow up tyrant
for extra dmg, but is it possible to DHC after into another combo…

Actually, it cannot be blocked under some strange circumstances. Take your opponent of of guard-all and simply walk backwards with him. Summon the zombie with Jill and wait - do not press any attack button. It will not be blocked. What causes the flaming zombie to be blocked is this: Jill throws out an attack (say a HP) and her opponent will go into a blockstun (even at full screen). If the opponent is in this blockstun as the zombie approaches him/her, it will be blocked. Try it out.

Weird…I did not know that. Actually, Jill can OTG after the Tyrant super by doing a dashing c.lk, c.fp into any ariel combo.The timing is a bit tough, but it’s easy to land once you try it enough times, as long as they don’t roll.


so if you throw out a crow or somethig like that while they are blocking can they still block the flamming zombie or do you have
to throw out nothing at all in order to make it unblockable.??

Yeah, I have heard that it is possible to OTG after the Tyrant HC, but I haven’t been able to make much use of it. I can’t even get the Tyrant to connect at all…any assist related setups?

Concerning the Flaming Zombies: If Jill does any attack her opponent will go into a temporary blockstun making your effort useless. This includes your assists as well (but not Healing/Power Up Assists). However, you are still free to move around, superjump, and (believe it or not) taunt. I really haven’t found any applications for the unblockable Flaming Zombie just yet, but I’ll keep everyone posted.

Here’s some Snapback combos off the top of my head if anyone needs some:

  1. Jump in LK, MK (land), s. LK, s. MK, Snapback
  2. s. LK, s. MK, s. HK, Snapback
  3. s. LP, s. MP, Snapback

Please contribute any Jill info/strategy if you’ve got it.


s.lk, s.lk+Doom, c.fk (OTG off doom rocks ) , Tyrant,

Jump in FP, Sentinal Ground Assist, Dash in s.lk,s.lk, s.fp,
Drone Assist Hits, Tyrant

(I used the one above when i used to play sentinal/Jil, but
I stopped using sentinal long ago cause I really didn’t like him)

You could also OTG after the combo above into magic series
Hyper Elbow Tackle, Blackheart Armageddon or C.Commando
Captian Sword, Into Sentinal Force and that = overkilled character.

Hope this helps but i dont think jill can cut it anymore,
so I’ve moved on to Rogue…

But i still like jill

Oh no! A Jill fan has been converted to Rogue! :lol: Ah well, Jill’s not on my main team either. Currently, I am playing Felicia/SonSon/Psylocke and it works pretty well. Of course, I am planning on starting another team with Jill on point, but still haven’t decided on my partners just yet. Maybe Sentinel with Cammy or Psylocke…

On a side note: I need an avatar! Would anyone be willing to create me one? Since I’m representing Jill around here, I guess I should have an av. that concerns her. Nothing really flashy. As Felicia would say, Please Help Me! :cool:

Please post some combos! Can Jill take out 100% with the right partners via DHC?

I tend to use Jill in teams of Jill[a or b] - Cable**/Cammy[a]/Tron[y] - Juggy [a]. Juggy does CRAAAAAZY damage when glitched, 100% jump hp, c.lk, c.lk, Earthquake (or FP Jugg. Punch, which I prefer)XX Headcrush = dead on EVERYBODY except sent. sets up the easiest, imo, Tyrant combo. lp+juggz[a], lp, hp, Tyrant, which you can otg of the combo. Most other assists otg for the tyrant super. So you cant combo after. Other assists that go well with Tyrant super are Tron[y], Silver Samurai[a], Iron Man[a]. Ummm… her snapback combos after a HK. so you can go lk, lk, hk, snap and it’ll connect. ummm…dude, Lk zombies are good. they roll, you call, they get it. but the bad thing is you have to predict their roll and cancel almost immediately for it to work. Lucky for you, if you have cammy, you can do what I do.

c.lk,c.lk,c.hk+cammy[a],lk zombie.
if they rol, they catch the zombie
if they dont, cammy otg’s and you launch and AC.:smiley:

Jill has an 100% with glitched Juggz [who doesn’t?]
lp,lp,hpXXhyper elbow tackle, cancel to headcrush at 12 hits.

cant think of anything else right now, Jill is my favorite though, and she was my first. . . .Magz is my second LoLz.