Jill Umvc3 First Hand Changes

Ok. So I picked up an early copy of umvc3 and I messed around with Jill in vanilla. With the experience I got so far in umvc3, I want to share my time with her so far. I only spent about an hour at most and this is what I found. As stated by the change log, her air normals have been adjusted and you can see how this impacts her. She can’t do j.M>j.M>j.H>j.S as an overhead combo starter. Jill will whiff the second jM. However, she can do j.M>j.H>j.S as an overhead combo starter. I have landed it on Nova and Storm. The timing on it is weird because you have to delay the second hit just enough so it counts as combo but not drop it. Hmmm, also you can still do jump loops in a combo. For example, you go from L>M>H>fc.H>j.H>j.S>j.M>j.M>j.H>j.S>j.M>j.M>j.H>j.S>M>H>S>j.M>j.M>j.H>j.S>Chris grenade assist>dpAA. That combo was possible in vanilla and can still be done in Ultimate as well. Of course this is a corner combo but I just wanted to illustrate that its possible. I will continue to post on this topic to keep people informed. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. ^_____^

Can you please check if this combo still works?
5H, 22S, H, 9H, S, land 2H, 4H, 22S, H, 9H, S, Land, H, 4H, 236M, 8S, Land H, 2H, 4H, 236 L xx 236 + 2ATK

Are there any noticeable changes to Machine Gun Spray, like still causes a knockdown on aerial opponents, does it OTG better so more than 2 bullets hit them if you don’t have the proper spacing, can it still be comboed after if you call an assist, does Jill provide any upskirts with her new outfit

wait scratch that last one

Mind checking a couple things Pour moi? I’ll love you for the next 3 days if you do.

Can you see if this still works?

j.H,J.S,H,2H,4H,22S,H,j.H,S,jMMHS,j.MMHS,H,4H,S,MMHS, Call Chun’s Light Kicks,Machine Gun Spray,Arrow Kick,Double Knee Drop H,THC/,22S,H, Raven Spike.
OR… At corner
LMH,Flip Kick,L,Cartwheel,H,22S,M,H,4H,EnSnarement,MMHs,j.MMHS,Double Hyper.

Does Mad Beast still have the chipping Infinite? Can it still get the same number of reps in a regular MB combo?

Me love you long time.

Ill definitely check out everything that is posted on here…However, Im going to go to sleep now so in the morning Ill do up wat i found based off what ya said…

@chirp, there seems to be no changes done to machine gun spray. It still causes a knockdown on the opponent. I tested it on captain america. It still otg but it still operates the way we know in vanilla. There is no upskirt action lol. In terms of otg then continue to combo, what combo would you like me to try it cause Im just did grab>Iron Man Assist>OTG Machine Gun and I cant follow up. Maybe Im too slow but Ill continue to try

@asterisk, Im working on the combo you posted…I keep going into my own combo instead of urs…Damn, muscle memory lol.

@NonSexualRice, After I finish asterisk’s combo, Ill work on yours ^____^

Ok so how is what I have so far. The combo that Asterisk suggested, so far I can’t do it cause either my fingers are too slow when doing 8S or the game doesn’t allow it. I think its just my fingers. The combo that NonSexualRice suggested where you are doing LMH>Flip kick, the character spins out after any hit following the ensnarement. I have tried it on small characters like Viewtiful Joe, medium characters like Ryu and Capt, and on big characters like Sentinel. I would go Ensarement>M>into launch or H or d.M and the character spins out. The other combo with lighting legs, I get up to the part where I call Chun assist into machine gun spray however I drop the arrow kick or it doesnt come out. So I will continue to do the chun one to see what’s up with it.

That’s probably because he forgot to include one extra FC in it. It is actually:
5H, 22S, H, 9H, S, land 2H, 4H, 22S, H, 9H, S, Land, H, 4H, 236M, 22S, 8S, Land H, 2H, 4H, 236 L xx 236 + 2ATK

Well the combo I usually do is Ammy Cold Star, OTG with Machine Gun, then do the wallbounce kick then the ground bounce knee thing (forget what they’re called) but I know that Ammy’s assist doesn’t last as long as it did in vanilla, so it might not work. But if the super still operates the same, then there’s no reason for it to not work, just have to find a new assist I suppose


iight thanx carpark and chirp for your replies…going back to the lab lol

CarPark is right, I missed a feral cancel

Thanks for the info so far man. It seems like I’m going to have to shorten up my combos a bit.

All I want to know:
-Hard Knockdown on 236C?
-Hard Knockdown on 623B?
-Do we still have the special set 30% minimum on Raven Spike (623AA)?

@FlyingVe, they all seems to work the same as they did in vanilla. I don’t know what you meant by the last one. Hope you can clarify it for me ^___^

Sure, Raven Spike was locked at 30% minimum scaling which was different then her other hyper, and wasn’t even effected by XFactor (which would raise it to 50%).

So, to test, do a long-ish combo ending in Raven Spike, then do the same combo in Xfactor. See, if the Percentages match (take the XF damage boost into consideration).

All of my combos still work, but the timing felt a little tighter. I think she’ll be okay.

I don’t really play Jill but I was screwing around with her and I just noticed she has a towards+C overhead that automatically goes into feral stance. Was this in MVC3?

Yep that’s the same as Vanilla, except it was better to manually cancel it into feral just like all her other moves that do that.

I want to say thanks to everyone in the Jill forums especially FlyingVe. The vids you posted up really lvl up my Jill play. ^____^

Thanks, I’ve got more stuff in the pipes for Jill, but I wanna confirm everything for Ultimate first.

Also, look up Pulsr’s stuff, all I’ve really done is expand from the foundation he laid out.