Jill umvc3 mad beast nerf

if this was becuase they want to make it a lvl 1 super like dante wolvie …how u feel about tht

I’m not 100% sure he was talking about mad beast specifically. I wouldn’t mind if he was since I only use mad beast 1 out of ever 15 games or so.

Also, the hit stun normalization kinda ruins jill. her main focus was the fact that her j.H and S gave great hitstun to combo after.

Dang it capcom.

Her level 3 is super broken, I kinda saw this coming… but at the same time i didn’t want to see it come ;[

Jill is done in AE.

Damn, they also really nerfed her indirectly.
Lower Meter gain Makes her 3 Touch of Death’s Impossible from a single hit confirm

Mad Beast nerf: I think this goes without saying, but most of us saw this coming with her infinite block string.

Hitstun Normalization Makes her combos going to be signifcantly shorter, her damage usually came from the HUGE amount of stun gave off by her H and S. I predict instead of her being able to do 3 jump loops, she will only be able to do 1 or two, with the opponent recovering after the second.

Buff to Zoning: Jill could get through light and easy zoning (Hadouken’s, Deadpool, Beams,etc.) but this buff is going to make Jill, who couldn’t handle tough zoning, have a EVEN HARDER time getting in.


It is looking that way but I will try her first.

Not looking pretty though.

which doom assist do you use?

With my main team, Missiles.

I was trying a new team for fun with Viper/Jill/Doom and that one I use Doom with Molecular Shield.

IMO, Doom + Jill = Eternal Lovers.

i got u…thats what is…yea g all his assist are good…

“Pretty much no one uses Jill…”


They did it to P. Wright as well :stuck_out_tongue:

After i get my viper to where my jills @ , im going to try n conquer this mad beast . Its really a lvl 2 if u know a 1meter bnb,and can execute it @ will

How important do you guys feel Mad Beast is to Jill’s game? In all the time I’ve been using her, I’ve never bothered trying to learn how to control it at all. I usually prefer to save meter for my second character anyway, but if there’s something amazing that I’m missing I’d be willing to grind it out in training mode.

For my money I’ve haven’t found it to-to useful. The only positive I know of is that you can use her chip loop in Mad Beast. I suppose theoretically you could make her mix up game more potent; but imo you can more or less do the same thing if you have good fundamentals with feral dashing/canceling.

Too much effort for not enough pay off.

It’s super powerful, but Jill strength is on point and when your burning for a lvl3 like that, most times your compromising meter for the rest of your team and MGS.

I personally don’t use it @ all, but i still feel its more valuable than it might seem. Also for a character that im MOST deadly with , to not fully master her is …With that said, lvl 3 x factor mad beast i swear your not blocking that 1st mixup. In the near future she really might become my anchor!!!

I would love to see your Jill in action Karnige, ,if you could post some match vids in the future I would really appreciate it.

Edit: I would like to see FlyingVe’s as well.

I got you. Ill post it on my Jill video thread