Jill Valentine - Blonde Dark Agent RE5 Version in Marvel Vs Capcom 3?

Looking at the Capcom title silouette in the opening of the trailer, the girl in the middle with the high heels and a pony tail hair has (as GameSpot put it) the figure of a certain RE character, and though they speculated it maybe Sheva, looking at the shape closer seems more like it may be Jill Valentine in her blonde hair Resident Evil 5 Umbrella Dark Agent outfit.

Even though Capcom already has an RE character in Chris Redfield in the game, it doesn’t mean they’ll just stop with adding more RE characters besides him, considering Mega Man had Roll and Tron Bonne along with the “Lego” guy.

If not, hope that Jilly Vavy makers her way back in the game! Having Chris just as a replacment is kind of… eh. DLC add-on would do fine!

If “Battlesuit” Jill is in the game… holy shit! that’d be awesome