Jill's Summons

Im trying to learn how to summon all the RE monsters during battle.Can anyone help me?I used to be able to summon the dogs and a zombie,but now i need to know them for sure.

QCF+LK - Dog
QCF+HK - Crow
QCB+LK - Zombie
QCB+HK - Flaming Zombie

Plus :qcb:+:2k: summons Tyrant if it connects :slight_smile:

anyone know any DHC’s that connect with tyrant? I know venom web (if they are on the ground) connects…

Dr. Doom’s electric cage (enemy on the ground) followed by Tyrant works. DHC before the opponent gets too many hits from the electric cage otherwise he’ll get hurled in to the top corner of the screen. Don’t forget to follow up with Jill’s air combos after tyrant!

Also Rogue’s Good Night Sugar connect into tyrant. Dan’s super should too where he does a combo that ends with a uppercut. Morrigan’s Darkness Illusion should work also.

Sent’s Plasma Storm