Jimmy Bones' New Av Resquest

Aight, here’s how you got to do it.

If you see at the top of the image, some black space with a dialog, erase that shit.
I want my Av black and White. I want my name like, Jimmy in the right of the head and Bones the Opposite. Does somebody have a Scarface font for my name, that will nice.


your post was three hours old before you asked if anyone was working on it.

i guess you haven’t seen the requests that have gone for days before someone responded to them. if you really don’t want to wait that long, i suggest you go learn and make an av yourself.

lol, my bad.
Patience is the key.

You want it to be like, “Bones” then “Jimmy”?

You said Jimmy on the right.


I put Jimmy then Bones.

Thanks Sas. That’s awesome. Wish i could rep you.

No prob yo.