Jimmy Henchman Associate Admits to Shooting Tupac




:rofl: @ Henchman how fitting. I’m not one of those idiotic paranoid types who think every little thing is some government conspiracy but there’s a well known and documented history of the Tupac and Biggie shooting investigation being tampered with so I doubt this is the real culprit and the fact that such an admission comes along now when no one can be punished is a little too convenient.


For only 2,500 dollars Tupac Shakur was slain, if this is true that’s just retarded and sad.

Hail Mary


Hip hop just hasn’t been the same since Tupac moved to Cuba.


Heard about this earlier…too late now to admit shit.


This was the first shooting.


if he can produce that chain i’ll believe it.


everyone knows biggie set him up for the shooting at the recording studio

this guy just wants attention like when ll cool j claimed to sell drugs to the governor in that episode of oz


2500$ for the world’s greatest poet, visionary, and prophet?

RIP Makaveli. RIP.


tho if jimmy henchmen didn’t shoot him we wouldn’t get this dope track


“Busters shot me five times, real niggaz don’t die”


Mister Conspiracy (Crimson Flame) had that Juggs chain and you motherfuckers still clowned on him.


reading comprehension, guys

he didn’t kill tupac for $2500


He tried to kill Tupac for $2500, but five shots couldn’t drop him, he took it and smiled


Ah I see… oh well.


who shot me
but you punks didn finish
now u bout to feel the wrath of a MENACE