Jin Combos



Post all your combos here! We all know that Jin has a lot of cool-looking combos. Just the Blodia Punch looks cool enough:)

Assist combos are also encouraged.

I usually use Jumping Fierce Punch/Heavy Punch/HP as a jumpin. I also occasionally mix it up with down+HK or HK and go from there.

One thing I love about Jin is that if you land a Blodia Punch, you are almost always land another one for free.

First lets talk about some small details:

  1. Cr.lp, cr.mp is no longer a guaranteed setup for the Blodia Punch. I don’t know why. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. Now, I use standing lk or standing lk, hp Typhoon (3-hits) to setup the super.

  2. Jin’s standing lp does 2 damage. The only character that does less than that is Servebot. Jin’s crouching lp does 6 damage, so use it instead!

Here are some basic B&B combos:

  1. Jump-in hp, dash-in cr.lp, st.mp, /\ sj.lp, sj.lk, sj.mp, sj.mk, sj.hp

The basic air combo.

  1. Jump-in hp (hold back on joystick), lk, hp Typhoon (3-hits) XX Blodia Punch, right after moving screen effect: cr.hk XX Blodia Punch.

This only works AWAY from the corner. Just as Jin hops back from the side of the screen after the flying screen, hit cr.hk and he will perform it as soon as he enters the screen. It takes practice for the timing. You may want to omit the hp Typhoon in the combo. It works the same (with less hits and style).

If you are in the corner during the super, do crouching hk, hp Jin Dynamite after Blodia Punch. If you are very close to the cornerduring the super, do cr.lk, st.hp, Blodai Punch or THC right after you recover.

  1. Jump-in hp, dash-in cr.lp, st.mp XX Typhoon Super (hold down), Jin dynamite (1-hit) XX Typhoon Super.

Very hard to pull off. You have to practice a lot to cancel the Jin Dynamite fast enough. The result is nice though.

  1. Crouching hk, OTG Jin Dynamite.

Bread and Butter OTG vs a noob who doesn’t know how to roll.

  1. Standing hk (hold down), OTG Jin Dynamite.

Only works when you are half a screen away from the opponent. I know it’s hard to land a standing hk, but who knows what happens?

  1. Air throw, OTG cr.lk, anything you want.

After an air throw in the corner, you can OTG into anything as long as the opponent doesn’t roll. I prefer an air combo or standing hp XX Blodia Punch.

I hope that this helps start some interest in Jin. Good luck with playing Jin!


Jin’s Throw

Not sure if anyone knows about this yet…first post on this board and all…

Anyway, it’s pretty easy to pull off as long as you’re close enough.

Jump-in LK, Jump-in LK, s. LK, qcb FK. (Annoying 4 hit combo than takes you around the screen. My friend is not used to blocking w/ MSP yet, so i throw him w/ this combo all the time…heh…)

I prefer LK since it’s faster and lower than the FP and FK link; just seems like you can get it in easier.


Favorite Jin combo: cr. lp, lp tyhoon hits 3 times, blodia punch.
Due to lag time good way of hitting it: jumping down roundhouse kick (or hp), lp tyhoon xx blodia punch. Timing and distance is key to this or else you’ll whiff completely.

Using hp typhoon: same as above except after either jumping attack, cr.lp, hp tyhoon xx after 3 hits xx blodia punch. This one’s more blockable/rollable plus I think the size of the opponent plays a factor too.

One last thing does anyone know if Jin has a corner infinite/reset?
I saw on from of the combo vids on www.evilslash.com that Mike Z was doing one on Captain Commando. Anyone have a clue on what that is? I know Jin wasn’t made to dash in and aircombo aways but those corner resets that I saw were pretty nasty.

If not no big deal, I can alwayz email Mike Z. Peace out:lol:


Jin’s Throw

Yes, I believe that it’s a classic showy 4-hit combo from Marvel vs Capcom 1. It doesn’t do much damage, but it’s worth the show as long as you’re winning. I’ll prefer to land the air combo if it’s a serious match because it builds more meter and does more damage.


c.lp,c.mp+assist,Blodia punch. It takes half of Cables life. Also if you hook that diagnal roundhouse(df direction hk) into the combo it dose crazy damage.:lol:


standing lk, standing lk (call omega red throw assist) press fierce punch after you land (get in front of omega) cancel into blodia vulcan

and even if it doesn’t combo it SITLL HITS (make sure that jin is facing the wrong direction at the beginning of the vulcan or it won’t work)

(wrong direction, jin has his hands towards the opponent when he snaps his fingers in a normal vulcan, in this combo you get on the other side so his hand and his head should be facing away from the opponent)

i tried it on the computer on ALL GUARD and it will always hit, in fact try to get it not to combo that way any damage scaling will go away and start from scratch.

it takes off half of cables life if it comboes, and it takes a little more if it doesn’t.

the reason this works is because omega’s throw assist has weird properties, he kinda teleports right before he’s about to throw (look closely he moves to where the character caught in it is) he slides

then jin’s blodia glitch kicks in.

also you can try

dash in jab (if opponent is crouching) omega red assist then press standing hk , jin will jump over them and cross them up.