|| Jin Kisaragi || Ride the Icening!

Thread dedicated to everybody’s favorite bipolar knight. He may not give a crap about us, but we all love him anyways.

Calamity Trigger

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Continuum Shift

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jin <3

Frosty gimmicks question, a friend asked me if 6D ignored damage scaling since it’s usually done 2 times following the 6C, 623B link (At least that’s one setup I’ve seen). Any information on that?

The first one will freeze, and then the second one won’t, and as far as I know it’s just registered as a regular attack, I don’t see any reason for it to not damage scale.

This is all assumptions, of course. Maybe it does, but I don’t see why it would.

nice showcase of jin combos



Here’s some more Jin videos to keep the ball rolling.

Nise Pachi, rocking the ginger Jin:

Buppa, rocking the goth Jin:

What color does everyone plan on going with?

check my av. for my color

There’s a brown colored Jin (he’s got amber-ish looking ice) that I’ve been using since I first got to play it in the arcade when it first came out. So I’ll probably stick with that color unless something else jumps out at me.

Anyone know anything about more Jin colors?

It’s in my sig, Brains~


Under the section where you could download wallpapers and the pdfs for movelists, there’s a file called blazblue contentskit ver.1.0.zip. It has rips for all the colors for the characters, among other things. :slight_smile:

I’m digging the light blue Jin personally. Gotta embrace the iciness.

hmmmm im loving that goth with the purple ice
but ima have to take a gander at all the schemes to choose
hopefully he has something with a pink colored ice
so people can be frozen in bubble gum

Nice find. Didnt know about that.

Edit: Boo… I was hoping for higher res stuff but oh well its still pretty nice to have.

Pretty close to my Jin, I use the darker black and red colors (see av).

I made this av’s purple background before I played the game and thought it was pretty cool that the first Jin costume colors I use in-game, because they appealed to me, happen to have purple tinted Ice, (my favorite color) much suited I’d say.

Keep up that info!

Any tips on a good time to buffer the 720 AH? Jin isn’t a grappler so I’m not used to trying to find a good spot for a long grappler command on a fast character.

I use Fei in HDR so does Jin kind of play like aggresive/rushdown character who is constantly in ur face. How should I approach Jin in terms of strategy when I use him…I’m completly new to the game so I don’t have a clue what to do?

Easiest ways I’ve been doing it is either from his throw or funny enough, a taunt. Since it doesn’t seem you can do 720s straight up on the ground without already doing something :wtf:

Yeah. I usually do it off a throw. The colour I’ll be using is white Jin. I love that tealish greenish ice…

so have anybody figured out any ways to make his Astral Heat Useful? If people haven’t unlocked it, you have to beat the game in arcade mode with Jin to get it. 720-D. is the input and it has start up (though its not as bad as i thought, also unblockable)

fthrow>Astral Heat