Jin Strategy

Post all your Jin strategies here!

We all know that Jin has a decent amount of damage and priority. He has a bit of startup and lag though. His light kicks are particularity laggy and should not be used in the beginning of a match or face to face against magneto! His punchs are much faster, but his standing jab does no damage, so avoid. In general, I use crouching jab to set up for launcher and for close range poke (if you really need one), and kicks to continue a combo after a jump-in fierce.

Any normal move with flame to it chips a bit when blocked.

Jin Dynamite has instant startup and protects Jin from a few hits from projectiles and beams much the same way Sakura’s qcf+p does. You can use it to protect yourself or your assist from anythng the opponent tries to throw at you, or to counter ANYTHING the opponent tries to do when he’s near you (pokes, specials, supers, throws). Treat it like a Shoryuken with more range, projectile eliminating possibilities, and more “show” (Jin shows all except for his underwear). You can use it after blocked close mind games (e.g. after a blocked crouching jab, crouching strong. Or when Rogue tries the cr.lk, cr,mp chain or quick superjump into airdash, divekick trick).

I’m interested to hear all of your Jin tatics!