Jin: The [Attempted] Revival



So, I’ve been out of touch with MvC2 for many a year now. But I’m slowly relearning and fine tuning some stuff. With the stuff I get down, I plan on making videos on what I’m coming out with. It may be 10 years too late, but I plan on going through some nice Jin technology.


I’m sorry I didn’t notice this earlier, and I have to admit that I don’t remember everything, so here are some random things…

=Flying Screen Unblockable
Bloodia Punch someone’s assist. If the point character is in the area, the last hit will land. Their only option is to sj away, or shoot you with some AHVB, or hit with a frame cancel to stop it.
-Best way to set it up is to typhoon their assist onto the point character, and then Bloodia Punch it.
-The opponent can’t call assists and triangle jump him. If he blocks the assist, he’ll bloodia punch it forcing them to sj leaving their assist to eat it.

=Jin as a character beats most rush down. Only Rogues beats his defensive game solo up close with her kisses, and being able to dash back in and dive kick the saotome dynamite recovery. You can punish dive kicks with typhoons as well.
-Crouch, and do ducking and standing light punches while holding back. You can also do dlk, dmp, and see what they do.
-If they attempt a triangle jump, you light typhoon, or dynamite resetting the scenario. They have to work their way back in.

=Pathetic mix-up game, but easy to fall for.
Do an air combo that ends with hp, but don’t do it. Stop there, and watch their drift.
-IF they drift away, they’re blocking. Hold towards, and hp when their feet touch the ground and you’ll cross them up. You can do this all over again.
-If they don’t drift, they aren’t blocking. Hold towards, and cross them up.
-If they drift towards you, hold back, and then neutral hp when their feet touch the ground.

=Standing hp combos with Hulk tag ins at any range on the screen that it hits. You could do something like the mix-up game I talked about earlier, into a ducking lk, standing hp, into a tag in, Call Doom-b, hard Gamma Charge, wait, XX Crush [knocking them onto Doom], and if they’re mid-screen, they’ll usually die outright. If they’re cornered, you call Jin-b instead [you have to activate the crush much sooner in this case], and they’ll lose almost all their health right then. Usually it’s at least 90%, but I’ve killed from full with this outright. Storm-y can be used in this combo as well if you get used to the timing and is almost always at least 95%.

=Jin really likes the Doom-b assist. He can call Doom point-blank and do random Bloodia Punches. Unless you’ve called an invulnerable assist or can AHVB/ frame cancel punish it before it starts, [you can’t do anything about it. The Bloodia Punch is going to be covered by Doom so well, he can SJ or dash in to cover it making it unpunishable.

=I think the majority of his usefulness comes from the fact that his beta assist is so good. Unless they have Doom-b, if they’re within blast radius, the can’t call assists until Jin-b has been called. If you call Jin the nanosecond you see them call their assist, their assist will get punished for free, and if they try to do something about it, they get blown up as well. Pairing this up with any character [With Magneto, Storm, Rogue, Wolverine, Sentinel, Hulk, Cable, and Megaman being the first ones I think of…,] this is so dangerous. They have to wait till you called your assist to do anything, so if you don’t do anything, they’re forced to fight 1 on 1 in every match up. Most players aren’t used to this simple change, and will die the second they fight you one on one without assists. This is especially true if you’re using any of the characters I just mentioned.

My choices for teams would be…
=Doom-b, Storm-a, Jin-b
=Magneto-a, Cable-b, Jin-b
=Storm-y, Hulk-b, Jin-b
-This team has no real weaknesses if all 3 guys are alive because its killing power, and damage output when used properly is so high. There isn’t a character in this team that can’t do a combo to an assist that isn’t likely to kill it if they have 3 bars.
=Megaman-a, Hulk-b, Jin-b
-This team is kinda crappy until you get 3 bars. Then it can be murder on anything it touches, especially assists. Just don’t lose anyone first.
=Megaman-a, Cable-a/b/y, Jin-b
-All 3 of Cable’s assists are useful to Megaman.
=Cyclops-b, Storm-a, Jin-b
-2 good assists in any team order
=Storm-a, Sentinel-y, Jin-b
=Magneto-a/b, Hulk-b, Jin-b
-Inescapable Gamma Crushes via Mags-Hulk DHC, and Mags-Hulk inescapable Tempests
=Magneto-a, Megaman-a, Jin-b
=Cyclops-b, Cable-a/b, Jin-b
=Doom-b, Hulk-b, Jin-b
=Magneto-b, Ironman-b, Jin-b
=Morrigan-aa, Storm-a, Jin-b