Jingoistic Japanese Gamers


In every other section of this site, it’s called turtling.

Here, it is defensive trolling.


“In Japan, Xbox 360 was always considered foreign trash that got lucky if it cracked 5% of the market.”
See, this is your problem. You’re assuming(as you’ve done a lot in this thread) that people even think of it as trash. They just don’t think of it at all in Japan unless they are a core gamer. I’ve never even met a Japanese gamer that has any kind of emotion toward xbox aside from indifference at worst. Where is this assumption that they consider it “trash” coming from?


@Gasaraki I meant trash not necessarily as an awful thing, but trash as in wasted space that could be used for Playstation and Nintendo (in the eyes of the Jingoistic Japanese). I meant trash in purely statistical market numbers.

But as with all trash, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I gifted a normally $15 game I really love when it was on sale for $4 to 2 friends, one who I play with on Xbox Live often enough where we sometimes meet and play, thought it as a diamond in the rough, something they wouldn’t have picked out, but because it was given, is a pleasant surprise. The other one thought it was nothing special. So for $8 I gave 2 copies of 1 game and found one opponent.

And you can simultaneously be the most loved and hated. Adam Lambert had a high percentage of votes on that one season of American Idol. But on the last episode, more people voted against Lambert just because of a homophobic vote. He was the most talented of that bunch, but if William Hung happened to make it, and would have survived all those smaller votes, and it was just him against Lambert, Hung would have won. For those who don’t know, Hung’s style is an unintentional satire of singing. Think William Shatner’s singing style but without the acting creed and with an accent.

Adam Lambert was simultaneously the most loved and hated. Wrestlers have to be hated and loved at different times. Rush Limbaugh (and before him Howard Stern, before he moved to Sirius) is both the single most loved and hated talk show host in the US. Indifference is the death of publicity.

Yet both William Shatner and William Hung have had singing careers, catering to their niche audiences, and not venturing outside of them. They do what they do, do it well (albeit as judged by a small minority who are wiling to pay) , and get a constant enough paycheck where they don’t have to change careers.

Most of the people on these forums are chameleons, they blend in, initiate as little as possible and avoid hatred. Some people may like my opinions, other may hate them, but I defend where I stand, and usually most people see my perspective well enough where they understand it, and see, based on my perspective how it makes sense.

Likewise I try to empathize with people other than me. Because I use one word too casually, or too generally, I have to either backpedal from or defend a word choice, but my basic premise is correct from my perspective.

I also see that I concede and agree with your perspective, most Japanese seeing the Xbox have a “Xbox…Whatever” opinion as opposed to a “Xbox…Boo!!!” opinion.


Just not really interested in having conversations where the other person goes on and on about examples instead of just keeping things concise I’m the name of “socializing” when all you seem to want to do is show off your knowledge. But yeah, my bad for even replying a second time. I just can’t seem to understand why you talk the way you do and I find myself reading the thread even though I don’t even want to lol. Fuck me


@gasaraki It’s just like the fact that Rush Limbaugh is simultaneously the most loved and most hated radio host, almost everyone knows about Rush Limbaugh. His friends and fans really love him, His enemies really hate him, and very few people say “whatever”. That’s just my personality style. opinionated people generally are.

I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but people tend to like what I say when they agree, or rationally argue the other end of the spectrum with facts, and I usually say things need to be balanced, and one position shouldn’t be absolutized at the expense of the other. I don’t question. You haters are my rivals, not my enemies, if you debate me on the substance of the issues.

The last type of people just doesn’t like long speeches. If I’m not interested in the topic, I tend to stop reading too. I don’t blame you for tuning out. It’s there if you want to read it, and is easily ignorable if you don’t.

Usually my introductions to topics are long, and my responses are shorter. And it try to keep tangential information in spoiler tags.

And in general, I think I’m the opposite of mean-spirited in my content. I don’t go out of my way angering people. Do other people think that of me too, or am I more mean-spirited than I sense myself to be?


I don’t think you are mean spirited, I just think you make a lot of ignorant assumptions.


@radiantsilvergun3 I agree the Xbox one wasn’t controversial in Japan, it was just largely ignored. There was nothing the Japanese saw as a must get game for any Xbox that couldn’t be gotten on a Playstaiton or Nintnedo.

And I don’t know if it’s a conscious “anti-non-Japanese” feeling, or whether Japanese games made for the world market are more appealing to the west than America’s mass-market games appealed to the Japanese.

I just noticed the pattern. My reasons may be wrong, ( I should have not have implied an anti-foreign jingoistic motive automatically) but you can’t deny the facts, that the mot successful system with not-100%-Japanese roots in Japan is the Saturn, being ahead of the N64 in Japan. Xbox bombs, Sega bombs (never gets #1). That’s the only thing that’s sure. Xbox writes off Japan going in. They just have a foot in the door in case an exclusive hit drives traffic.


I never said the Xbox was controversial. I said what you just said. It was very unpopular. That’s all.

And the Xbox wasn’t completely ignored, people bought them, shit Daigo played SF4 online using a 360.

It’s just bot a popular brand or product there for a multitude of reasons and to boil it down to xenophobia and jingoism is really ignorant and narrow minded.


Idolmaster giveth life to the xbox and Idolmaster taketh life from the xbox.

Change is imminent.


Shit’s not even a joke lol