Jinpachi Thread- Life starts at 105


That’s his age according to the wiki.

I suppose you watched Rip and MYK going over him in their LUYG character vids, but I’ll give you an updated version with exclusive DLC locked on disc info.

Jinpachi is a defensive character. Huge damage, great whiff punishers, great frame punishers, great counter hit traps. His risk-reward ratio is at its best when the opponent tries to attack him, not the other way around. So attacking as Jinpachi is never a full on attack, which involves taking big risks, but just do the minimum to make the opponent attack him back.

d/f+2 (,1)
14 frame “wind god fist”, jab punishable.
The juice. Your main whiff punisher. I don’t like the 2nd hit of the string, as its launch punishable and not worth the reward on its own. I need to test if you can CONFIRM it if you see the opponent crouching, cuz that’s the best use it could have.
But until then, just stick to d/f+2.
d/f+2 d/f+1 d/f+1,1 d/f+3,1 u/b+12~f (yes, the first must whiff!) fly 124 for oki or fly 34 for wall carry. 76 dmg.
At the wall do (after a 1 hit wall bound or without it) f+21(delay)1+2.
If you got to the wall closer than you expected, and d/f+3,1 was the wall bound (making it a 2 hit bound) then the 3rd hit of the wall string will whiff, drop it or replace it with a 2 hit string.

Jab. usually just do 1. 1,2 is for frame punishing only, don’t ever throw it out as a poke. If people like crouching your jabs, mix in a 1,b+2.

Your quick mid of choice. Once in a while do d/f+1,1 to keep them honest but be careful since it doesn’t jail.

Everyone says this attack is good but I really don’t see it. Enlighten me.

Remember how spammy Sagat’s LK tiger knee was in SF4 vanilla? This is the same move. Use it. 15 frames, CRAZY priority, low crushes, catches side movement. When it hits you get a d+4.

Kinda slow but it’s good to start throwing when your opponent is scared to act. Natural combo if you don’t delay it, but it’s better to use the delay option. What you do is do d+2 (blocked) and delay the 1, which catches the opponent on counter hit and gives you a full juggle (quickly do d/f+3,1 and a long bound ender) once the opponent is aware of the trap, he’ll be scared to act after d+2 so you can continue attacking after it. Classic trap string.

Quick, advances a lot, hits grounded and annoying Lei/Capo/Ling/Zaf. Against a standing opponent you get d+4. Because of how quickly it advances forward, this is also his tag punisher.

An annoying low high. Scrubs online love using it but it leaves at - frames on hit. What is better to do is to just do d/b+2 (which is safer anyway especially when they expect the 2nd hit) and go for his full crouch game.

FC d/f+1
His best low. Nice damage and it’s not launch punishable. Mix it with his WS attacks.

Mishima staple punisher. You can also use it as an offensive string and mix how much of it you are going to do.

13 frame ws launcher. Not bad at all. Jab punishable.

Jab punishable and only gives a juggle on counter hit. The advantage this has over ws+11 is the range, so when close you don’t need it over ws+11 but when far you may want to reconsider.

ws+2 big ass slow launcher to punish the huge sweeps with a regular juggle rather than the nerfed ws+11 juggle.

His forward teleport is gimmicky but his backwards one is useful. It moves away pretty fast, and if you see the opponent whiffing something you can use b+3+4,2 to punish him. b+3+4 is also useful to making tagging in safer.

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Love it! The more coverage we get on the cast as a whole the better.


Online players seem to be allergic to defensive characters played effectively…