Jin's anti-air options and follow-ups?



I’ve been using the Leaping Side Kick ( :d::2p: > :lk: ) because that seems to be the most obvious choice. However, I’m sure there are better strategies, especially since the Leaping Side Kick doesn’t cover people jumping over Jin (unless you get a good read and can catch them as soon as their feet leave the ground). What have you all been using as anti-air? Any effective follow-ups?

This is my first post on these forums by the way. That sort of “long-time listener, first-time caller” mentality.


c.Fierce, and s.Short are probably his best AA normals; however, they are situational and need to be used at certain ranges. The hit boxes on c.Fierce are very awkward and can either whiff or get stuffed when used at the wrong ranges/times. Same thing applies to s.Short.

If c.Fierce hits as a counter hit the opponent is placed into a juggle state with 3 juggle points. From midscreen you only have enough time to do far s.forward, SS, Jab or Strong follow up.


Having trouble here too. Kazuya’s c.HP is so much better than Jins (sigh). I am seriously considering picking another character first and putting jin second for this reason alone. Lacking a good AA normal is a horrible trait, especially for a game like this where everyone is jumping all over the place all day long. Having him second eases the pain… jin focuses so much on offense…

that being said, Charge, SS seems to be a good option. EX charge on wakeup SS is decent too. I wish you could cancel charge with a normal… Even cancelling it with MAMP is quick and has a lot of invulnerability but i dont’ think it’ll be enough to beat jumpins AND the strings after… need moar tech…


Jin’s only reliable anti-air is block.

Serious design flaw with this character.


You should stick with the MA flying kick. If your team is built well you can do 500+ damage off of it and if you are fast enough it beats pretty much everything. You can also special step under them and escape, or you can MA - swaying willow to take back momentum, but the swaying willow will lose to some easy option selects so that’s only good against people that are unfamiliar. His jumping short will beat almost anything air-to-air also if you jump at the same time and you get one of those counterhit combos.

Jin’s anti air flying kick isn’t super fast so you have to anticipate a bit, he cant just hit a button on reaction every time. The trade off is that he can take off half of your life off of a good read anti air instead of just getting a low fierce. Just do MA when you are reading a jump, then press LK on reaction if they take it. If your reactions are slow, then don’t play Jin cause you’ll get jumped on all day long.

Basic anti air combo is MA - flying side kick, low fierce xx FP median line tag cancel, whatever. Does a lot. I have hugo second and following that with clap into backbreaker does 550 or so.


Honestly? I’ve gotten Full Combos off of Leaping Side Kick. The Stance Change makes you invulnerable to High Attacks for a moment, so even if you can’t AA them with leaping Side Kick, you Can DEFINITELY Jump over them and get a better position. You’re safe once Jin’s feet touch the ground anyway.


None of Jin’s AA options are particularly solid. But if you mix them around, it can be pretty hard for your opponent to beat them.

Down+KK, LK into combo (I go with cr.MP, st.MK xx Special Step MP… requires you to be “mentally alert”)
cr.HP (doesn’t work if your opponent is too close)
Neutral jump HP (my preferred AA option)
Jump back HP
A late down+KK (delay) MP. The down+KK/Mental Alertness will make your opponent’s jump-in attack whiff (provided it’s not something with extraordinary reach/many active frames… I’ve been hit out of this by Boxer’s jump-in before). If you time the MP/Swaying Willow correctly, your opponent will be forced to block it during his landing frames… no option selects will work whatsoever.
Special Step to run away. Very important since Jin can find himself trapped in a corner very easily, due to the lack of good pokes.
(As a wake-up option) Down+KK, LK to avoid taking ambiguous cross-ups.
**Power Stance xx Special Step xx backdash (63214+P, 6412364) **works kinda like SSF4’s focus attack back-dash.

Seriously, Jin’s lack of a solid AA is not even his greatest weakness - it’s his poking game. I have a tougher time getting in on my opponent than deflecting jump-ins.


I’d say that I agree more with him having a weak Poke versus him having Shitty AA Options. I have NO problem dealing with anyone in the air with Jin. Sure, he can’t SRK, but who gives a rats Ass? MA into Leaping Side Kick is the new Shoryuken anyway


YES exactly! AA is no issue. 2 MA>LK and no more jumping unless they’re scrubs, then tag them one more and do c.MP, s.MK, Super to kill them.

Poking is a much larger issue. Id love for the hitbox on c.MK go ALL THE WAY TO THE END OF HIS FOOT!. Is that too much to ask? lol. I need a nice big buffy poke to buffer SS LP out of. Man his mid range game would be 10x better with something like that… I was so used to Makoto’s c.MP :frowning:


Hey, If you’re a Makoto Player, you should feel at home with Jin. His EX Median Line Destruction has him saying ‘Seichusen Godanzuki’


lmao i never thought of that. I enjoyed punchin em in the dick man, i hate my girl isn’t on here…

But i do feel that Jin is a really good subsitute. With the cancels and the the strong but complicated AA game and the above average damage and the MA shenanigans lol… yeah he is almost right for me. If he had a command grab that lead into more damage then he’d be perfect!


More like he’d be OP as Fuck! Ha Ha! Though, You should settle for His Counter Hit MA Medium punch, It stuns 'em long enough for a Super.


I’ve been working on it a lot. Its still working now because people seem content to mash buttons when they’re in a block string. I’ve been doing it after a blocked SS LP and it works wonders on some characters lol. They ALL try to hit jin after blocking it. but still though… There’s something about grabbing someone by the collar, getting a nice tight grip, lifting them in the air, and choking the shit out of them that I miss lmao. I might have to play street fighter tonight