Jin's defense seems really bad



So I’ve been using Jin as my main character since the game came out, but now that the new characters are out, and I always wanted to use Alisa, I see myself not using Jin much any more.
I was never really able to figure out how to defend myself well as Jin against many characters who had good pokes and liked to jump in on him all day. Since a lot of pokes in this game seem to have +3-+5 frame advantage on block, and Jin’s anti airs are bad against certain jump in angles, I felt it was very hard to get a lot of characters off him due to lack of better pokes, anti airs, and no reliable reversals except the alpha counter.

I’m used to playing characters with some of these setbacks, but one with all of them combined, in a game where pokes are so strong, I often felt in more trouble than after getting knocked down by Akuma in SF4 without a reversal/escape move.

I do enjoy how Jin plays offensively, but sadly that’s not enough.
Anyone else who has given up on Jin? Or people who feel the same way, but chose to stick with him anyway?


I don’t play defensively with Jin, unless it’s against a lame grapple character who’s waiting on me to get in, then yea I will zone him out with PF. Besides that, I like to get in with his ambiguous cross ups and just cancel my moves to make him safe. He’s one of my favorites and I don’t see myself dropping him for anyone.


Wow. No.

I have respect for you because you play Jin, but this is a dumb thing to say. Jin’s Defenses come from properly utilizing the Mental Alertness stance. If you read your opponents Strings, you can Swaying Willow all day against players who wanna jab like a mofo, and probably steal a Counter Hit out of that too. Also, if you’re not using Leaping Side Kick on Jump Ins, and letting them get in free, you’re not doing something right. Last, if you’re not using his Power Stance to absorb attacks, again, you’re doing something wrong.