Jin's SFAQ

I have decided to post a few facts about Jin in this SFAQ

it’s Should be Frequently Asked Questions, but since there aren’t too many Jin fans the questions just aren’t being asked O_o.

Here are some facts that may help you in playing Jin.

I will probably update “Jin - The Updated Fighter” soon , right after i feel i have enough information

Q: Is Jin’s AAA completely invincible?

A: It may very well be, but it is much more likely to be misconcepted as such because of the fact that Jin’s anti air is unique , it isn’t a physical attack like most of the other AAA, and he isn’t exactly moving with something that isn’t attached to his body (like cable) it’s shrapnel flying off his body, the shrapnel itself is consisted of high priority projectiles. But it may very well be invincible but the important thing is that you know that the yellow things aren’t a part of jin, if they get hit jin won’t be stunned or hit in any way, they are projectiles.

Q: What is Jin’s best option at the beginning of the match?

A: Jin should most definantly start off a match against 90% of opponent’s with standing lp (magneto beats it , or so it seems, i still need more testing if you do the switch trick and the mags doesn’t Jin will very likely win at the beginning at the match, and sentinal does not get stunned so it isn’t suggested. It has alot of priority and is fast.

Q:Jin has no double jump, he has not air dash, he has no moves that manipulate his decent, how am I supposed to get around with Jin?!

A: Jin does have 2 moves that control his decent, one of which isn’t really safe, that is the drill move (slower descent or so it seems) and the neutral h. k which makes his descent faster after his jump begins to fall. Jin has quite a few ways to get around, most of which are ground based which is bad, but not too bad.
He has wave dashing, he has his standing hp, standing hk and crouching hk. the key to using his normals as tools to gain posititioning is knowing the correct distances to ues them in,

Standing Fierce Punch
Jin’s standing hp should be used somewhere around the half of the screen it travels 75% of the screen but the hit box is only active up until the 70% point and the move has some start up, but it is very high priority. You may consider dashing then do the fierce punch but it should never be done from a screen away if it should miss you are in trouble, any point other than that should do okay. Also , it is completely punishable UNLESS you cancel it into a jab typhoon which is unpunishable by anyone who isn’t cable (or at least should be) but in a corner is a different story, mags can hit you, most fast crouchign attacks can hit you.

Crouching Fierce Kick [Patented Slide]

This slide has start up and the top part of jin’s body is completely vulnerable while sliding. Also Jin always moves the same ammount of distance no matter where you use it, Leaving you completely open to attack if blocked close up. For the 2 previous reasons you should do this move, but only from the mid point of the screen or perhaps a dash and a slide from a screen away. The good thing about it is that it moves you and it is low , so you can avoid a big bunch of things by moving in this fashion, you can also charge a jab typhoon for insurance or extra chip damage. If the move is completely out few things can stop it, but in the start up it is vulnerable so it is a distance, and zoning move, alot like most of the other moves in Jin’s arsenal.

Standing Fierce Kick

This move jumps over everyone when crouching (except MAYBE sentinel) opening up tremendous assist cross up abilities. If you have doom you can have the rocks hit while you are on the other side, even if blocked you can get a significant ammount of chip damage (which is completely safe even from cable) you’ll have to experiment but you can fit in a dynamite/typhoon when you jump over them (cancel out of the standing fierce kick) and then put yourself in a position for a high or low hit before they even recover. Also if your going low always do crouching lk, into crouching hk the crouching lk done at the right distance should move them into the favorable slide distance, if your holding db and become good at charging you can use jab typhoon if blocked dynamite if connects. ALSO if you feel like your opponent isn’t going to hit you out of the start up of the move you can use it out in the open and cancel it into a jab typhoon.

Q: What is Jin’s fastest start up super?

A: Blodia Punch, it still isn’t all that fast, fast enough tho.

Q: Why is Blodia Vulcan such a important part of Jin’s arsenal?

A: Because, it’s free damage when they super jump over you (vulcan glitch) and it is the only fully invincible super (someone else pointed this out) and it is the best “counter dhc” in the whole game. Example, have someone with a fast start up super like Magneto (temptest) storm goes and does hail storm as soon as you see her flash (using up a hyper meter) do tempest cancel into vulcan, storm eats a few bullets then dhc into proton cannon ect. or just keep jin in. It even beats out ahvb from my tests, but you can’t do the same thing as you do with storm , Cable’s beam INSTANTLY comes out so you have no time to do the temptest, but if you super jump just above it or go into the temptest a split second before the ahvb vulcan should beat it out.

Q: You said something about a Jin cross-up with his slide, then you say it isn’t safe what’s the deal?

A: Well if the big 4 block the cross up which is: They normal jump over you, you slide under and dynamite on the other side. They should all be able to punish you, but now i found a safer method, just go into the jab typhoon it should snuff out their attacks and be completely safe (against all except cable).

And that’s all for now, i’ll post up a new one as soon as i have more facts that are needed to be shared.


Nice info. Also, counter DHC into Blodia Vulcan ties w/ Cyke’s MOB. Neither one of them gets hit. So it doesn’t beat everything. :sweat:

so… convince me to play jin :smiley: i’ve been messing with a lot of low tier characters (or really, non-god tier since i dont really know tiers after god) and… well… i’ve tried with jin, i really have, and i like his aa assist, and his supers r cool…but… i cant seem to get the hang of him…
i guess more specifically my q would b: how exactly do u play with jin? for example, should i rushdown like magz or keepaway etc… and could i have some examples of how to play watever style u recommend, ie if its rushdown, then some good jumpins or watever…
thanx a lot for any help in advance… and keep playin those low tiers…

Learn his hp throw and abuse it. It’s really annoying to do that conistently and one of his main point games.

Here’s one way of doing it:http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/thread16377.php

Another way that I’ve found is landing after a j. hp and walking up to the opponent, and throw. Of course they can jump or move out of the way so timing and practice is the key. You really have to walk up them quickly after landing.

And his lp, cr lp xx Blodia punch is one of his best combos. You can add on a lp or hp typoon before the xx of the blodia punch, but it’s totally blockable/whiffable due to his lag time. So just go for that combo without the typoon would be better for less hits.

That’s it for now. Higher-Jin could probably help you out more, since I’m not really that good at Mvc 2 anymore. :cool:
I mostly play Jin with Capcom, Cable, or Cyke. And sometimes with Charlie/Guile or Ken.

May as well add something a bit constructive.

Air D+hk drill kick chips like a bitch. If your opponent is using an AA that can be stuffed by high hits coughDOOMcough you can abuse this by repeatedly SJing and drill kicking. It has enough priority that most normals aren’t going to touch it. It’s easily beaten by AA that can’t be stuffed high (Capcom, Psylocke) and by characters that jumpback and hit you with supers (uh, everyone). However, it seems there are a lot of people who aren’t too swift to figure this out, so abuse it until they learn. :rolleyes: Also, if you manage to hit an assist, say Doom, you can combo it with anything you want.

Such as, say Blodia Punch. Once Blodia punch stops hitting their assist, Flying screen will be activated. At this point, their point character will lose the ability to block, so if they happen to still be standing in the way of Blodia’s fist, they get hit. If you DON’T mash the punch, you will have this happen more often, although you will do less damage to the assist. If they were smart, they could just jump up to avoid the fist…

Tornado also does a good bit of chip. If you cover the recovery with a slow projectile, you can use it quite a bit. My basic Jin scrubber pattern is SJ, d+hk, s.hp + call assist XX LP Typhoon, repeat as desired. Its not an airtight pattern, there are tons of ways to beat it, but you can at least make your opponent figure out how to beat it. :evil: Usually if they get hit by something, its the typhoon or the assist, so be prepared to combo something off of it. Also, you have to remember to be charging the typhoon.

Jumpins vs launchers: Jin has good crossup and shallow jumpins, so you should be able to beat out all launchers. Just remember that in order to beat vertical launchers (Anakaris is a good example), you should jump in well in front of them (shallow) w/ lk or neutral hk. To beat horizontal launchers (Storm is a good example), you should jump over them with crossup hp. Of course, there’s still assists to keep in mind, so doing empty jumpins (no attack) is often the best idea. If nothing comes out when you do an empty jumpin, you can throw them right at landing, which is usually unexpected.

But anyway, I’m not all that great with Jin. I expect that Jin isn’t that great at all. I do wish he still had his standing mk as a standalone attack, that would have been nearly abusable with assists.

thanks for posting, but let me tell you a couple a things.

firstly, forget lp, c. lp into blodia punch, that worked in mvc1 and it still works in mvc2, but in the corner only.

drill kick? it’s a useless move, i’m not sure but have you ever seen it pushed block? push block the first hit and he drifts slowly to the ground.

it’s his worst move that is used most often. it doesn’t even hit high, it’s a real piece of s***

the reason it was so dampered is because they thought it may be used in a infinite but they took care of that…

on the ground, use his kick throw, not hp throw, you can mash it for more damage.

I’m glad you guys are posting, and here are some more tidbits.

Jin is a difficult character, there are things about his moves that look good on paper but they are actually quite crappy.

One move you should learn to abuse is Jab typhoon, it’s nearly unpunishable and my friend can’t even AHVB it, but i’m pretty sure it can be ahvb.

Standing Hp

I used to use this so much, but the block stun is pathetic, if you cancel it into typhoon they can JUMP OUT before you even start typhooning. It’s main use is to use on a assist, they bounce leaving them in longer (the same effect is found in a air neutral hk) also you can kill a assist if you some how kill the point and can get to the assist in time (which isn’t hard considering the range of this punch). This move was designed to kill assists like magneto’s launcher, otherwise it’s crap, which is really a shame.

Jab Typhoon

This move has SO MUCH PRIORITY , virtually unpunishable (slighty more recovery then wolverines jab beserker)

chips pretty well, if you have trouble getting in slide (down hK) it actually has good block stun, if you do it right you won’t have psylocke come in the middle of the typhoon as it would with standing hp.

Blazing Slide

This has to be one of his best normals (slightly above standing lp)

the hit box is constant, what that means is if they jump as soon as they land they will be hit low , as long as he’s sliding the hit box is active, don’t do it too close you can be hit out of it at start up but once it’s out oh man is it out. Hold down back… if it hits press up and lp dynamite for 40 damage (close to the average air combo) if it doesn’t hit jab typhoon a decent ammount of chip and while your doing the typhoon charge a dynamite, if you feel they are going to try to hit you and are feeling psychic bust out a dynamite, not a typhoon tho, even tho it will almost always trade hits at start up it’s better to try to execute the move at the correct distance and suck up any careless assist without invincibility and any helpless point along the way, and you can probably cancel into blodia punch if you like. Also don’t forget the range of jab typhoon, if you slide under them and you can do the typhoon it’s a really safe cross up and you see how wide the typhoon is at the top of it? It will hit anyone that’s not at the peak of a straight up normal jump (or super jump, duh).

Magneto Counter DHC

My new team i’m trying is Magneto (a) Jin (b) Cyclops (b)

i had so much fun beating on my friend’s storm, i just waited till he tried a hail storm, as soon as i saw the screen flash i did temptest into vulcan and storm rid the lightning.

I even beat out one of his air viper beams (not recommended and not done the same way as storm’s)

**Enough Babbling, Jin’s Best moves **

in order from best to worst

Best Normals

1.Down HK /Blazing Slide/ Good Block stun, good priority, constant hit box good damage combo possiblities

  1. Standing LP /Jab/ Great Priority, great opening move against everyone that doesn’t have a one frame attack (Mags!), great speed

  2. neutral jumping HK /Double Kick/ Good priority, range, hits twice, you can just jump back and do air hk as a run away strategy, only downside is if doing a super jump (or at the peak of the normal jump) you CANNOT block after peforming this move he is helpless…

the worst is first and others have slightly better uses
Worst Normals

  1. Down HP /Hit Me!/ why did they make this his snap back? no range, recovery is slight but start up is horrendous for such little range.

  2. Air Down HK /Drill Kick/ If they push block prepare for a world of hurt by mags projectile, certain beam supers and many many other things. Can be blocked high or low. Chips okay, if not pushed blocked >_>

  3. Standing HK /Flying Corkscrew/ i dont’ think it keeps the opponent in enough block stun to do a jab typhoon, but it has good cross up capabilities when opponent is crouching (not with sentinal though) , something around lp. standing hk (call assist and typhoon back.

best to worst
Best Specials

  1. Jab Typhoon / good chip, good cross up, links to blodia punch well , so much priority, nearly unpunishable.

  2. Saotome Dynamite / Great assist, keeps mags tri jumps at bay , great alpha counter, good recovery for a anti air (although it is sitll pretty bad) , nullifies projectiles, beats out specials at close range, meant to be his best and greatest special by capcom… not to mention great damage.

Worst Specials

  1. Command Throw / little damage, lag time, meant for flash only, and should never rear it’s ugly head in a real match.

  2. HP Typhoon / So much recovery, should only be used with doom. and it’s still iffy.

  3. The fact that jin has no other special moves… cries


They all have their uses, Blodia vulcan has glitch properties, is invincible when dhc (counter dhc) , blodia punch is a frame slower than a “instant” super and supposedly has invinciblity frames, most practical to combo in, cyclone is a safer dhc to throw out and pretty good in dhc combo.

Best Misc.

Throws, And wave dash, use em and abuse em.

in air this is easier than trying to pull off a combo and they have priority, on ground kick throw can be mashed well.

that’s just some stuff i wantd to add, the first part drags on but it may help you some. not as much as the best / worst moves should tho.

good luck,

  • Jin

For worst moves, what did you meant by command throw? Did you mean hp throw or his saotome crush(hcb k)?

Most of the moves that was mentioned not to use, are what I use constantly, j.hp and j drill:lol: Look’s like it’s back to the drawing board for me, cause I’ve been trying to use him for the last 6 months and I still suck:(

Oh and does jumping lp work? I’ve used that against the cpu in the training room and it hasn’t been punished so far. So is it practical to work with? Thanks again.

jumping hp isn’t that bad, it’s just not that great as far as stun is,

it’s a good all around move, i really should have mentioned it.

saotome crush is what i meant, it sucks.

J.hp may not be spectacular, but it is still important because it Jin’s only crossup/deep jumpin. The hitstun isn’t that bad, but people have a tendency to do it way to early because it hits so far below him.

I’m not a Jin master or anything, but I know how to work a jumpin game:
Shallow (j.lk) > Vertical launcher
Deep (j.hp) > Horizontal Launcher
Crossup (j.hp) > most assists whiff
Empty = baited assist
Whiffed Crossup = throw setup
Dash jumpover = crossup w/ assist or throw the jumpback

thanks for the info.

maybe i exaggerated on how bad the drill kick is, i dont’ think it’s too easy to have it ahvb after push blocked, but it still kinda sucks, push block first hit and avoid all the chip. it doesn’t hit high.

j. hp is lower range than it appears, alot of jin’s moves are, except for his best normals.

i’ll investigate the j. hp a little more.

see ya

Would Jin’s jumpins be good for a keepaway tactic as well? The last time that I played Jin I was jumping back with regular hk and when the opponent(again cpu not human:( ), called assists, I pushblocked and did qcf pp asap to tag the assist while he was taunting and the point character got hit as well-blodia punch glitch. And if they didn’t have assists, but tried to chase after him, I had db charged and ready for dynamito or lp typhoon. Is this a good strat? Yes/no/maybe?

And for his blodia punch glitch, it does work best if Jin’s back is near the edge of the screen, and as long as they don’t cover their assist, right? Oh, and is there any use of his expansion assist or is it just safer to go with his aa?

-Thanks again

jin is pretty cool .i especially like using psylocke anti-air with jin. by far his best assist imo. after hitting someone with her assist just do crouching rh into bloodia punch. u can’t roll out and can do it anywhere but the corner. at least i don’t think u can. u have pretty good offense and defense with this combination. another combo i like doing is after psylocke hits opponent do crouching roundhouse into fp typhoon cancelled into his typhoon super. timing is tricky but it’s cool as hell. in the corner do a lp typhoon instead of a fp.anyway, just felt like posting this to see what u guys think.lates.

Expansion assist is good. Actually, it’s a better assist than many characters have. It chips, pushes back, counterassists, beats some other assists (Tron), good hitstun & it knocks down. Very combo-friendly.

But the only real reason to pick Jin in the first place is for his AAA.

his aaa is pretty good. i just like starting a match with jin which is why i have psylocke as an assist. that team used to be jin, sent,psylocke.don’t use it anymore but it did some damage in the past. who do u pair up with jin anyway? lates.

Jin (B) Mags (A) Cyclops (B)

has been my recent team.

I like the blockstun off cyke’s assist, and mags and cyke work decently together.

I think good partners for Jin are:

Cyke (B)
Sentinal (V)
Doom (B)

and i’ve found that the air drill is pretty good for chip if you do it after the assist has been baited and fast off a norm jump.

doom is good as hell.lots of chip and good pressure.sentinel’s drones r alright but i prefer rocket punch assist.easy to combo after 2 lp’s.laterz.

Jin/Cable/Blackheart all on aa is a new team I’m working with. It’s fun and I like hitting standing hp with Jin and calling Blackheart aa the same time, since Blackheart’s aa zones and cover’s Jin’s recovery off the hp if blocked.

just wondering, can jin’s taunt be used competitively? what i mean is, is there any reason to do his taunt? i havent caught anyone with it yet so im not sure of the damage, but i do want to know if it has any uses.

note: im talking about when you mash the buttons and he glows red and if your opponent gets hit he/she gets knocked back.

I only use the sliding drill kick on the ground right when my opponent gets up, so that they can’t push-block it. If it gets blocked and they try to counter, I Saotome Dynamite their ass! Crude but effective…

And evilmelvin, it can be used competitively, but it takes a while to start up. It’s good for punishing jump-ins however and does almost as much damage as a Hyper Combo if a bunch of the hits connect. It’s also one of Jin’s best attacks priority-wise too, IIRC…

I use Jin, but my team isn’t built around him, so it’s not the best.
Hayato Expansion /AA Iron Man/AA Jin --Jin is mainly for assist and desparation mode.

I did however think i should point out something that I didn’t notice was mentions (and some-one might want to check and confirm this for me as I haven’t played in a while) but all of Jin’s attacks that have flame in them do chip damage, even possibly on ice man (check and confirm)—but I do know for a fact that flaming attacks break super armour on the first hit, so the big heavies have less of an advantage voer you… HP or HK as jump-in can be comboed into his launcher and do an air combo follow up…I haven’t explored it too much cos I’m not really to good a player, but worth looking into…someone let me know about the chipping thing and iceman thing, as I’m not sure but think it’s right!!