JINX Presents: Calm Before Storm; Woodbury, MN; July 5th; No Venue Fee!


Who is Jinx? Jinx is a just starting Anime Convention and Gaming Tournament Coverage Website/webcast. Yes, that’s a mouthful. When I say just starting, I mean we have 4 people and a website that won’t be published until the beginning of July XD. Anyway, this tournament will be covered and put up as the opening content for our website so don’t slouch!

WHAT? (Updated!)
The tournament format is Super Smash Brothers Brawl 1v1
Best 2/3; 3 Stock; 7 Minute Time Limit
Double Elimination (Unless over 64 Players in which it will be Single Elim to Top 8)
First Stage is either agreed upon or random (Neutrals) after the initial selection of characters.
Stage Strike: Each person strikes one stage for the entire set. This stage must be selected at the beginning of the match, after initial characters have been chosen.
Dave’s Stupid Rule: No stage may be picked twice if the choosing player has already won on that stage.
Advanced Slob Picks: Loser may choose the next stage or elect to go random, then winner may choose to change characters, then loser may change characters.
Double Blind Character pick may be called at the beginning of every set.
Items OFF
Neutrals: Smashville; Yoshi’s Island; Lylat Cruise; Battlefield; Final Destination
Counterpicks: Pokemon Stadium; Luigi’s Mansion; Delfino Plaza; Castle Siege; Pirate Ship; Frigate Orpheon; Halberd; Rainbow Cruise; Brinstar; Norfair; Skyworld; Yoshi’s Island Melee; Green Greens; Shadow Moses Island; Corneria

As Well As A Super Smash Brothers Brawl 2v2 Team Tournament:
All same rules as above with addition to:
Team Attack ON
Life Stealing allowed

As of now, this is just a one time tournament although depending on turn out and demand, we may turn this into a monthly or possibly even a biweekly thing. Anyway, onto the details!

Edit: If we get enough demands for an Items Standard tournament, we’ll run one at $5 a person with same payout. This one will be more for casual players who feel $12 is a bit spendy.

WHEN?: (Updated!)
Currently, we’re looking at July 5th however, if this turns out to be a problem for too many since it is Independence Day weekend, we will push the date back to July 12th. Date will be confirmed on June 20th, 2 weeks prior to the 5th so hopefully that will be plenty of time for people to make plans for rides and such.

Edit: Right, about it being confirmed on June 20th… Sorry about that. The date for tournament stands at 07/05/08. Hopefully this won’t pull too many people out from being able to go. Sorry again XD.

Edit: Not sure if I posted a time… Registration starts at 11am, ends at 12, and tournament should start at 12:15. Team/Item tournament starts 30 or so minutes after singles tournament ends.

Woodland Pointe Clubhouse
6841 Ashwood Rd.
Woodbury, MN 55125

Just take 694/494 to Tamarack Rd, and turn towards the dead end (away from the Sheraton). Turn Right right before the road ends (Weir Rd.) and take that all the way down to Ashwood Rd. Take a Left and after 3 speed bumps, you’ll see the building on your right. Parking is all around the building.

WHY should we come to this?
Entry Fee: $12 for Singles; $25 for Doubles (Change will be at location)
Venue Fee: FREE!

1st Place: 60%
2nd Place: 30%
3rd Place: 10%

Venue Fee is waived due to the location only charging me a fully refundable deposit so long as everything is clean and nothing is damaged. Because of this, I cannot allow any outside food or drink. I’ll try to have some tables or something set up outside for people but please don’t hold me to it. I will also try to have pop and snacks on location for sale ($.50 for can of pop or bag of chips or something around there).

FINAL NOTES? (Updated!)
For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’ve been playing across the state here and there since Melee under the alias of either Dizzy or Dan playing White Dress Peach along with my fellow companion Izzy who is a Marth player with the left godhand (if you know him, you know what I’m talking about ^^). We’ve been to ACEN last year and this year, Detour multiple years, Anime Expo last year, and SakuraCon this year so we’re somewhat reputable in the Anime Convention world. As for Smash tournaments, we’ve been unable to really attend any due to our schedules which is one of the main reasons I’m running one. For the most part, if you’re thinking that there isn’t any competition worth driving here for from Iowa, Wisconsin, or even Northern MN, I highly recommend you come on over so that you can see what Southern MN has to offer.

Oh yea, before I forget to mention, everyone from MNstreetfighter knows me though they don’t know my abilities in Brawl, they can vouch that Minnesota is full of competitive players (no matter what the game).

Edit: Some people have been asking me about other set-ups for casuals and what not and after talking with friends, the following will be up for everyone to enjoy:

Probably 1 Additional Wii setup for Mario Kart
2+ Gamecube Setups: 1 for SSBM, 1 for whatever else we have (Probably Naruto GNT 4)

Just curious will there be any other tourneys held than Smash here?

Yo, Dan! And I also wanted to know if there will be other games there. I have barely played Brawl, so I’d like something else to fall back on.

Awesome … I’ll show up for sure, even if it’s just Brawl, but other games would be awesome too…

Just curious, what made you decide items off?

Also, Oreodizzy, I just remembered that you messaged me a while back to play brawl but I completely forgot about it. I’ll be up for games, anytime.

Hey Dan, nice to see you’re running this.

That seems like a pretty expensive entry fee. Is that a standard amount for Smash tourneys?

I’d be up for entering if the fee was $5, but $12 seems a bit steep. If you only want people that think they have a good shot at winning to enter, then it makes sense to have a high entry fee. However, if you want more casual people, like me, to enter then it makes more sense to have a more accessible entry fee (since I know I’m basically giving it away).

Sorry to all who asked questions and I haven’t replied. Been sort of busy with setting this thing up. Anyway, let me answer everything now to say I’m not dead or ignoring you ^^.

Grog & TarkanX: As of now, no there isn’t however, I will have multiple Wii’s (and possibly other systems like a Gamecube) with other games set up like Mario Kart, Naruto GNT 4, and SSBM. If we get enough response for another tournament, we’ll gladly run it.

Somnus: Most people I’ve played with competitively frown on items so that was that. I did want to run a tournament afterwards with items on but more people asked for 2v2 tournament so that was decided for me as well XD.

Shogun: I debated over pricing for awhile and finally, I came up with $12 because a lot of the tournament Smash community wants the pot to be large enough for it to be worth them driving from wherever. Casual players who feel it’s too high but still want to play can always come and play casuals on one of the other setups. I actually don’t expect all that many people like that but if it turns out to be a lot, I’ll have to be prepared with more setups ^^.

Updated with date confirmed, additional tournament info, and set-ups.

Can we bring our own set-up for a tournament if there isn’t going to be a 3s, Marvel, Guilty Gear, etc… tournament? And in your first post, you said in the future, you wanted this to be a bi-weekly or monthly, it be possible then to have multiple games, or is this strictly Smash?

It might just be smash seeing as Dan can’t play anything outside of a gamecube.

Or a wii.

Or a DS…


Also sorry for not replying sooner as I had to sort out some things for venue XD.

Yea, you can bring extra stuff if you wish to host your own tourney though I must warn you that the amount of space we have to work with is somewhat limited. Pretty sure I can fit 1 - 2 more setups though I can’t be held responsible for any of them. I’ll have whoever I have helping me try but no promises.

As for the whole bi-weekly thing, ignore Izzy as he’s a straight up newb who can only play the same characters in each game. In the future, it will for sure NOT be just SSBB but will change from each time from 3s, to Marvel, to GGXXAC, to CVS2 (even though I actually do suck at that one), to Arcana Heart, and so on and so forth. SCIII and T5DR may also get cycled in eventually. I only left this out because MNStreetfighter already does gatherings here and there and I didn’t want to step on any toes but if it’s okay, we really really need content for this new website and all 2D (and some 3D) fighters are all a-ok with me.

No problem… I think we’d be up for this in the future as long as there is a heads-up about it. And about the recycling games, is this due to time constraints? I think you’d be surprised about how fast some tournaments can get done. How much time is usually available for this tournament to finish (when does it start and end)? I’m asking this, because there is a program called Tournament Maker, where you can order the games and brackets (and seedings) of the players in a single or double-elimination format (it does all of this for you, you just have to input the players name). Tournament Maker makes it so that you can run multiple games at the same time, instead of one having to finish.

Do you have pictures of this venue? I don’t think I’ll be there on July 5, but for future references, I’d like to see what the place is like (if you don’t have them with you, currently, hopefully you can take pictures of it). Even better if there are places to eat out that are near the venue.

what time is this at?

never mind

I should’ve probably been more specific about the whole bi-weekly thing. The only reason I said it like that was just to say all the games we would play. Not to say that we’d only be playing 1 game/tournament. Yeah, I understand tournaments (even double elim) do not take too much time to run. MvC2 with 2 setups and 32 players under double elim is only 59 matches (that number would be correct if I had gotten any sleep XD) and that’s only approximately 2 hours. More than enough time to run 3 - 4 tournaments in a day.

As for the venue, since this is to promote our new site, expect lots of video and pics of the whole tournament which will include what the venue looks like. As for food, there’s several places about 2 miles away that include Wendys, McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Chipotle to name most that are non-sit down.

I guess for the most part, this Smash tournament is just an expierement at best. Just trying to find out who’s all out there, how competitive they are, and how will everything run together with me being semi-new at this. I’ve run DDR tournaments at Aladdin’s Castle and been to many player run tournaments but this is my first time running something where I had to provide venue and everything. Things should go well I hope ^^.

That Lucario was tight! I never knew he was so top tier!


So what happened? Who went? How was it?

Also, what’s the JINX website address?

Long story short shogun, it was pretty bad. No one really went. And for vids, http://www.youtube.com/user/acdizzy04. It’s only casuals though XD.