JLA War/Marvel Reccomendations


I watched Justice League War last night and was incredibly captivated in the storyline. the same with the Justice League movie with the time traveling that came out not to long ago also. But both movies were really great imo and I cant wait to see what else DC has to offer. What do you think?

Marvel on the other hand has been well not so satisfying for me for a while. Yeah they have blockbuster titles left and right but im looking for some great animated series or good comic reads. although i never really read any marvel comics, i would love some recommendations for some to start with. no preference either! and as for shows, I’ve seen X-men Evolution series growing up,and a little of spiderman Unlimited here and there. But some animated shows/movies recommendations would be well appreciated too!


I haven’t seen the new animated movie but do not read any of the comics that it is based on. Nice artwork if you like Jim Lee I guess but the story is terrible. The cartoons are good at making stupid stories look better than they are. Well, the Flashpoint cartoon was still pretty stupid storyline-wise but it was better than the comic.

LOL at bruning yourself to a crisp than getting better two seconds later. That’s the equivalent of animating Superboy Prime punching a hole in reality to bring Jason Todd back to life in Batman Under The Hood. I miss Bruce Tim, he knew how to leave some of the stupid stuff that happens in comics out of the animated adaptations.

Read Kingdom Come, that’s a good story that involves all of the DCU. Don’t read the sequel, Kingdom Come 2 though.

Personally I’m not fond of any of DC’s current stuff. Batman gets a pass I guess but it’s not as good as Morrison’s previous run. I love Batman '66 but if you didn’t grow up on the 60s sitcom lol it might not be for you.

For Marvel you’re going to have to be more specific as far as comics go. I would suggest reading Civil War if you want something that encompasses most of the major Marvel players and it’s a good entry point into the Marvel Universe. From there branch out into characters you like.

For Marvel cartoons yeah, slim pickings. Spectacular Spider-Man is really good but only the first season is available on DVD. I love all of the Marvel anime shows but I’ll be the first to tell you those are not for everybody. You can watch all of the Marvel anime shows LEGALLY AND FOR FREE on Crackle.com. If you have a PS3/4 go into the PS Store, to the TV shows and go into Crackle and you are good. They have X-Men, Blade, Wolverine and Iron Man. If you have Netflix.com there’s some '90s shows on there you can try out as well.

Iron Man has an anime movie called Rise of the Technovore. It falls short of DC’s animated movies because the story is too generic (no Warren Ellis writing the story unfortunately) but damn that is the best looking War Machine of all time.

Is there a comic book store near you? Walk in on any day (well not a Wednesday AKA new comic book day, they will be busy) and start a conversation with the people working there. It’s an easier way to guide you towards your interests and what you can actually pick up on the same day.