JLF and Cthlulu mounting screws and bolts?

I am trying to figure out what size screws or bolts I need to mount my JLF mounting plate to my Kaytrim customs case. I checked the pilot hole size with a drill bit and 5/32 is the closest…but I can’t find screws or bolts in that size on google.

Also what size screw would I need for a Cthulhu board if I wanted to mount it with some kind of grommet as a standoff. I think the holes on the board are 3.2mm.

Thanks for any help

i use m5 x 16 mm screws for JLF plate, it just fit, m4 will work too. for cthulhu I plan to use screws for mounting computer motherboards. see this thread http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=179205&page=28, half way down, gns tested it.

Ok, thanks for the tip. Now I just have to find the right screws, nuts and standoffs somewhere.

I use 4/32 machine screws for mounting my chtulhu. I don’t really bother with standoffs.

didn’t your kaytrim case come with screws for the jlf? mine came with 4 already screwed in.

No it didn’t. But it does have the pilot holes already drilled into it. One is a little off but it’s workable.

the kaytrim case that i bought had screws for jlf but no hole for usb cabe to come out… had to make one myself.