JLF ball top gets loose easily

I picked up a JLF w/ ball top from gamingnow.net and seem to be having a somewhat irritating issue where the ball top gets loose easily… I screwed it on as tight as I could, using a flat head to hold the shaft in place but still happens…

Anyone else have this problem?

Thanks in advance!!

maybe a little glue? not enough to cement it in there forever, but a little that with enough force will break?

try Loctite. http://www.loctiteproducts.com/products/detail.asp?catid=10&subid=48&plid=153


None of the JLF’s I play on at CTF seem to have that problem.

Please avoid glue if possible, you never know when you might want to switch balltops and you’ll have to soak your balltop for a day or two to get it back off (soaked a couple in paint-thinner a time or two) Get a rag to protect the shaft, then grip the shaft with grip pliers and screw on the top by hand. If that doesn’t work just grab another one from the BST thread here :slight_smile:

I purchased a bat top from nareg and it came loose the first time after 10 mins of usage. I opened up my case and re-tightened it and now it hasn’t come loose for about 3 weeks.

Red Loctite

Yes, I also recommend loctite. The loosening of the ball top is quite unusual but happens.

Don’t use the f’ing red stuff… it will be a real pain if you ever do have to remove it… use the blue loctite.

The fix

I had the same problem with my ball top. Mine was Seimitsu, but I’m sure this will solve it:

Take a look at this picture:

Put a flathead screwdriver in that screw in the middle, hold it, then tighten the ball as tight as you can with your other hand. You don’t need loctite or anything like that. If you did this before, get someone stronger than you to do it.

If you’ve done the above multiple times and it still doesn’t work, then go to loctite. But I did the above and it is fine now.

Thanks for all the replies everyone!! Really appreciate it!

no problem man, nobody like loose jiggly balls…well nobody under the age of 65…wait would that still apply to gold diggers? (couldnt help myself)

+1. Def use the blue and not the red.

Red is semi-permanent. Blue is removable with enough torque, but will keep it tight until you have to take the ball top off again.

On my mayflash stick (which will be upgraded soon) I just used some pliers and tightened it up that way. Although I guess you wouldn’t want to risk damaging the JLF top using that method.

use threadlock, the stuff that keeps nuts from unscrewing from bolts…

that blue loctite sounds like it’s similar threadlock…

Or you can just use Teflon tape.

Yes use teflon tape. It is can be found next to air compressors. It is meant for tightening threaded adaptors. Don’t use a glue unless you want to hurt the value of the stick. Also electrical tape may work as well.

I did that on my battop, it’s a little harder to remove but it still becomes loose after every match.

no electrical tape! it’s too thick. Don’t use a lot of teflon either or else if the ball is like the bat it won’t screw in all the way and then the teflon is a bitch to remove before re-applying it.

Applying some clear nail polish on the screw threads works well, and it also isn’t too hard to break the seal if you eventually need to remove the ball top. I used some on my stick over two years ago and it still hasn’t come loose at all.