JLF ball tops other than plain, mesh and bubble


Like the title says. I am curious if there are other ball tops out there for the JLF other than the plain colored ones, the mesh balls and the bubble balls. I have a bubble ball top for my stick right now, but for the most part I see everyone with one of these 3 and would like something different.


I don’t really think you can get any different then either painting them yourself, using a hollow shaft and running leds to it or a bat-top.


Sanwa released a lot of cool ones, but they’re super rare. Here’s one of strawberry balltop:

There was a 45mm version of a star balltop, but I can’t find picture.

They also made some out of briarwood, those were pretty, but I can’t find a picture :sad:

There were others. I saw a picture that had a lot of rare sanwa balltops on display, but I can’t find it :sad:


Nice find Nerrage.
I wonder if ebay has anything going on with these rare ball-tops might have to “hoard” a couple lol.

Well those things definitely were limited couldn’t find a trace of a sanwa ball-top asides from the ones we see every day… nothing on ebay let alone the whole internet …not even a damn picture lol.


Here we go, I found it!


Rare balltops. That has briarwood in it.

Here is 45mm star balltop:



On a stick:





That startop dwarfs the DOA4 stick in size!
I love your balltops butter, but is there any chance of getting them in 35mm? I know its only three MM difference… but the offset still kinda bugs me. I love the way #1 looks :confused:


I would need to order 200 of each color for them to make 35mm :frowning:


:frowning: @ #5 being sold out


Oh dear god…




has anodised aluminium ball tops.

They have only red left these days though.

Ihave had one for a few months now, it looks neat and I feel the touch is cool and dry, generally speaking I love that top.


I actually have 1 pink left in my personal collection Id sell :slight_smile:


pm sent


I’ve always loved my yellow bubbletop. Would take something well above average in coolness to get me to replace it.

Like perhaps, a bubbletop with a little demon skull inside it.

Edit: Then again, nevermind. That would look kinda annoying after a while. Still, the idea of a bubbletop with some kind of object or symbol in it(Autobot anyone?) is interesting.


Finally got my buttero ball in! Just missing the pink mesh from the collection :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still not sure which I like best. I feel like the bubble ball looks better in person (especially since there’s no LEDs in yet). But I like that not everyone has a buttero ball where as you can go spend a few bucks and get a bubble ball no problem.


Akihabara Shop has some cool limited edition ball tops in stock right now. Too bad none of them would look good on my stick (plus I don’t have the $$$ right now to start collecting ball tops :P).






Just saw those too…The black and white is cool. I’d buy all four but the shipping…



I know you didn’t get much love in the “check out my new stick” post but I like what you did there… Lol it ok to have pink…I got a buttero pink like yours with pinks sanwas on my chunli TE and I think it looks great… Pink and blue go well together… like my sti :wink:

Personally I like the larger ball top now… I have a few from butteroj and when I use a normal stick it feels funny


Ordering the AOU Metallic Black ball top, aside from the Mesh style, gonna start buying at least one or the ones I like as more “limited” ball tops come out. Didn’t like the rest of the series except for possibly the last marble looking one but the Metallic Black ball top looks the most unique. The first one looks like a typical Super Ball while the black and white is okay.

From now on, gotta keep my eye out in the akihabarashop thread since my buddy just recently told me about them. There’s also metallic style ball tops buttons coming out as well(Silver and red from what I remember).