JLF balltop problem


I just bought a JLF stick from the local arcade and I CANNOT get the balltop off. I am fucking the bottom screw up I’m un-twisting the balltop so hard. I’ve tried unscrewing it and also wrapping the shaft with a towel, using pliers and unscrewing it and it just doesn’t work. Any suggestion.


Make sure the regular head screwdriver that you’re using to hold the stick in place is large enough, and unless it was glued into the shaft, the ball top shouldn’t be too difficult to come off.


Mine was pretty difficult to get off, and then I realized I wasn’t using a large enough screwdriver. The physics behind it says that increasing the size of your screwdriver means a LOT to the force you’re creating.

Also, not to be glib, but make sure you’re twisting the screwdriver and the balltop in the correct directions. :slight_smile:


It has to be glued in…


Does the head of the screwdriver you’re using span the entire diameter of the slit you are inserting it into?

I first tried one that spanned about 50%-60% of the opening, to no avail. I used a larger screwdriver that spanned the entire opening, and it came right off.


Red locktite most likely. Search the forum locktite. There have been a couple threads that talk about it.


Yeah its kind of stripped from the other screwdrivers but man, it is -NOT- unscrewing. It sucks. I can’t even get it to budge in the slightest bit.


They definitely aren’t sold like that and they come off pretty easily. I would suggest you just replace the shaft completely if it boils down to it.


Yeah, pop off that e-clip and just replace the shaft. ooor. take out the shaft and take some channel locks. and grip it that way and you should be able to get good leverage to get the ball top off.


where did you get it? jlf balltops usually come off easily with a flathead


yeah i hold the flat head sidewayz to get better leverage but be careful u dont want to crack the ball tops!


Wrap the shaft and ball with two thick rubber bands (grip the shaft with pliers if you want) and just twist really hard.
If it still doesn’t come off then it’s definitely glued on there or something. Just be careful not to completely destroy it, I don’t know how durable the balltops are but there’s always a chance it will crack or something if you force it too hard.

also this


Could he just drill through the thing and destroy the one that’s on there? I’m guessing he may also kill the shaft’s threads in the process. Like others have said, where did this come from? I’ve never had trouble removing a ball.


Up top he said he got it used from an arcade operator.


so many “that’s what she said’s” in here.


If you want to send it to me I have a couple friends who are bodybuilders, just an idea. :lol:


Haha. Thanks guys. This stick was going into a madcatz se so I just disassembled the madcatz stick ( A MASSIVE pain in this ass. ) and then used just the shaft and balltop from that stick and put it on the JLF ( the screws stripped so bad, btw ) and then mounted the JLF and now its alll good.


So you put the Mad Catz Shaft and Ball Top to the JLF, replacing the Sanwa Shaft and Ball Top?
Still not able to unscrew Ball Top? :sad:


Righty tighty, Lefty loosey!:wgrin: