JLF dropping inputs, further troubleshooting help?

Noticed recently one of my sticks was dropping “right” inputs. Tonight it completely went out. Stick is a round 1 Madcatz TE but I gutted the pcb and threw in a MC Cthulhu. I got the stick in SF4 training mode and held right and it registers but drops constantly. So far I’ve just opened it and double checked the wiring, it looks good. I put a multimeter across the right direction and ground, before the wires enter the screw terminals, here was the result:

Without anything held down - steady ~4.75v
With right held down - jumped between ~1v, ~3v and 4.75v constantly.
Tested holding the stick left and when activated it dropped to a clean 0v and held there.

My main question is, should I bother testing anything else? Is this conclusive enough to just say “it’s something with the stick” and order a new JLF? Thanks!

Did you check the TP-MA board in the JLF. No need to replace the whole JLF?

Rotate the TP-MA microswitch board and test again. The directions will be screw of course, but if the direction that is now reporting as ‘right’ (may be up, down, or left depending on how far you rotated it) still does that, and the actual physical joystick in Right doesn’t, then you’ll know its a bad microswitch on the TP-MA board. It’s your choice to replace the TP-MA or replace the whole JLF.

Ah okay, thanks for the quick responses. I’ll dig up a quick tutorial on how to do that and try that out a bit later tonight. I’ve never done anything more than putting the stick into the case so I’m unfamiliar with the internals of the JLF itself.

EDIT: Okay, figured it out. Put it in rotated, moving the stick “UP” drops inputs now (which registers as “right” in sf4). Looks like it’s the microswitches. Anyone know where to grab the assembly other than FocusAttack? It looks like they’re out right now.

EDIT 2: Looks like Paradise Arcade Shop has it.