JLF faulty microswitches?

Hi all,

I have an issue with a Sanwa JLF and wondered if anyone had any suggestions. The stick is giving erratic inputs on some directions, mainly down. I noticed it initially when a low forward fireball would come out as standing forward and fierce fireball would come out as a rush punch.

If I pull down on the stick slowly in training mode with inputs on, the microswitch clicks and registers an input, if you keep pulling down slowly you might see 4-5 more extra down inputs as you move towards the gate.

I’m guessing the microswitches are worn, I think the stick is nearly 2 years old, can they be replaced?

to replace need to solder each Sanwa MS-0-2P Microswitch

or no solder and replace whole pcb TP-MA

ask okazakiii at arcadesticks.net he is in UK great service, i bought from him before

Or you could… Call the person you bought it from? Unless it came with the stick and tell them about the situation.

I’m waiting for a response from where I ordered the stick. Thanks for the suggestion sparrow.

Is there any chance it could be the pcb/wiring? The symptoms do very much seem like it is a microswitch problem.

Opened the microswitches up, sprayed them with WD-40 and all seems to be well :slight_smile: