Hey guys,

Quick question i know that the JLF can be set to either 4 or 8 way but how the hell do you set it for 4 way? i just got gradius V and mushihimesama and i want to do both these games on v hard anyone know how? im sure its simple but im overlooking it thanks! :slight_smile:


watch the video at the end of this LL page


I’m lazy to type out, so I do this.

TingBoy made a video on how to do:


Looks like TingBoy put up a nice vid on just this:



GL, I hear that the JLF sucks in 4 way mode. You’ll still hit corners.


And the winner of the fastest video response is…Monk!!:lovin:


The three of us who linked the video, did at same hour and minute.

But you, ChaoticMonk, you won by seconds. :sad.


thanks guys

You still hit corners but it doesnt matter because i just wanted the 4 way feel the restriction on the diagnols (not the microswitch but the actual shaft diagnol motion) speeds up my 4way play considerably. Gradius is so fun im not going back to pad for shmup! XD


its so precise i dodging mines and other shit like a madman! :smiley:


I’ve just got two questions since you seem to have already gotten your answer. First off, I’m curious as to why you’d use a JLF for SHMUPs. Normally, I see people using an LS-32 or at worst, a spring modded JLF. Any particular reason for this? I’m just curious.

And also, why limit yourself to 4 directions for a SHMUP? Wouldn’t that kill your game considerably if you can’t move in diagonals? I dunno about you, but I can’t fathom myself trying to play Gradius or any danmaku SHMUPs without my precious corners.


forgive my ultranoobness but what is SHMUP an abbreviation for (assuming its an abbreviation)?


Mushihimesama is going to eat you alive if you try to play it with a 4-way.


Shoot em up. side scrollers for the most part

Cause i dont have access to a ls-32 and i dont need to mod this jlf :\ lol its good as is man just raped first level on v hard and my movement is still good.

I dont think it will becuase you can still technically hit the diagnols 4 way just keeps you from hitting an accidently diagnol motion which will esp in that game will lead you into an early demise. Having to go all the way up to get the diagnol and not getting any other motion is great.


Shmup = shoot em up. [media=youtube]jz3pryYeed4"[/media].

Yeah, you definitely need diagonals in Mushi. God I love that game. It’s sad that I need a Jap 360 for Futari.


SHMUP is an abbreviation for Shoot ‘Em Up, a genre which games such as Galaga, Space Invaders, Gradius, and all the crazy stuff like DoDonPachi and Ikaruga go under. They’re just the good ol’ arcade shooters.


After further testing jlf4way rapes me up the buthole in Mushihimesama. wierd angles in that game, but certified for gradius use :tup:


They also makes you do crazy things like turn a TV on its side (tate):



Gradius is great game.
I played Gradius III a lot on the SNES.


Kyle, you play Mushihime-sama and other Shooters using that Sega Controller?


new way to challenge yourself in bullet hell

play without em diagonals

its genius



turn your tv sideways doesnt it have an option to switch the picture orientation???