JLF Hardware Problem


I have a regular Sanwa JLF-TP-8T joystick in my custom fightstick. Recently when holding right on the joystick it doesn’t send one input… it sends multiple “right” inputs (so holding right causes multiple dashes in SSF4).

I just wanted to confirm if this happened to anyone else and whether it’s exclusively a joystick problem before I try anything.

I wasn’t sure if there was a hardware-fix thread already.


IF it is a custom fightstick, like one you have wired up yourself. check the wiring. it sounds like the right may be a little loose causing it to come in and out of contact, which is why you may be experiencing the dash problem.


I had already pulled it apart. I’ll check it again.

“Blips” on inputs does seem to be a wiring problem. That SUCKS.


Sounds like it may be a short… Where are you in Philly?
If you can make it out to Glenside on friday (check the thread for exact location) I’ll take a look at it and fix it for you.


yea they do. check your soldering at the controller part. make sure a good connection on the copper pad. and then check to where you connect to the “right” microswitch. since its a jlf i would say look at the motherboard carefully for any cracks or scratches. If you are using terminals. check the connection in the terminals as well. i once had a friend with a similar problem. wiring look fantastic like nothing was wrong but at the terminal spot the wires were barely touching which resulted in “blips” on his down button. made him look like he was tea baggin in halo or somethin hahaha. so check to make sure you have good connections and there are no cracks or scratches. if connects are good and no cracks try a dif wire. do you have a pic by chance


I’ll get pictures later if my fixes don’t work out. I checked the terminal and everything was tight there. Worst-case scenario is that my wiring to the 360 controller is no good (and I glued it down like an idiot).

I’ll be gone from where my joystick is for a while so I will complete my fix when I get back.