JLF Harness $2.00 ea


I screwed up!!! I had 250 units manufactured but I could not keep my promise on the delivery date. So, the customer cancelled.

So, I have 250 units I need to move quickly.

JLF Harness 2.00 ea.

You may contact me at jpipp@ymail.com

Thank you,



Hey dude. Sent you an email. You get it? I’m in for at least 5.


I still have plenty in stock!!!



I got a few from Ponyboy here, the harnesses are really good.


What is a harness? I know what a JLF is, but what is the harness?


Dat google


I got mine a few days ago from @ponyboy‌ . Should be set for a while. Good buy. Jump on it folks.


I received mine as well, high quality with an unbeatable price.