JLF harness ends

I decided I want to start making the JLF cables for madcatz TE sticks that I dual mod with ChimpSMD. I wanted to do this because currently my 2 methods of setting up the JLF on this particular mod was to A)remove some sheathing and solder in line or B) solderless method of pinching the wires in between the harness and connectors. I didn’t like either method

I found some compatible 5 pin connectors made by a company called Philmore. The part number is 70-4855. My local electronics shop sells them 2 to a package with the inserts for $3.75. Online each end is like $.69 so I’ll probably go that route from now on. It fits perfectly on the joystick but doesn’t fit the connector on the TE’s PCB. To get around this I removed the white plastic housing on the PCB that the connector would fit into. It just slides right off with a little prying, and can be put back on if need be.

Pics incoming.


Why would you need to fabricate a JLF wire harness when there are the possible choices

Toodle’s JLF-TE Harness for MadCatz FightSticks
Sanwa JLF-H Wiring Harness
Seimitsu H5P Wire harness

Why you feel you need to make your own wire harness for?

Need these JST NH H5P-SHF-AA for the Housing.
And need these JST SHF-001T-0.8BS for the Pins.

Because I like to make cables and I have a credit at a local electronics shop.

Thanks jdm

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