JLF having a "click" of resistance?

I just got my first JLF, and it’s used, but I was wondering if this is normal;

When I move the joystick to any direction, it goes all the way until about, 4-5mm from the edge, and there is resistance, when you continue to press it “clicks” over a bump/some sort of resistance and then gets to the edge.

At first I thought it was the pivot cylinder, or possibly not enough grease. But after greasing it and using an ultra-fine sand paper to polish the pivot cylinder, and then using toothpaste and a toothbrush to polish it even further so it’s just as smooth as before, it still has this “resistance.”

I’ve noticed it doesn’t do it in a full 360, there are 1 or 2 spots that it doesn’t have it on, but they’re only about 2mm so it’s almost 360 degrees of this resistance.

I’m wondering if I’m missing a part. I have assembled it in this order:

The shaft

Pivot Cylinder

The Base



Spring Cover (I placed it with the small part down)



And finally the E-clip, and of course a square gate.

I ordered a new pivot cylinder (among other things), so maybe that will fix it. I’ve greased it thoroughly and it’s NOT just the resistance of the microswitch, I’m not that dumb -_-

Any ideas?

How come no Washer between Base and PCB?

I guess that’s the part I’m missing? I don’t know, this is just how I received it.

Yep, you’re missing a metal washer, you can see the indentation for it on the base.

don’t get the metal washer. it can easily grind on the pcb and scratch off the signal traces, as well with the ground if you’re really unlucky.

wat? Why do they ship it with that washer installed if it can cause that much trouble?

This is a JLF, not a stock SE joystick.

That sounds like you’re activating the microswitch. If it’s the click I’m thinking of, it’s normal.

Read the OP.

Yeah, it might just be a bad pivot cylinder. That said, you might want to strip the thing down and observe how it moves to be sure.

My bad, I read it and missed the part about the microswitch.

I got the new pivot cylinder, but I also replaced the spring with an LS-33 spring, and added a black shaft-cover. After re-greasing, and just generally cleaning all the parts, it feels a lot smoother. I’m not sure what the exact problem was, but it probably was the pivot cylinder, at least it was when combined with a tougher spring. It feels great now. Thanks for all your suggestions.

I still feel you should have the Washer between Base and PCB.

And you using something else to lubricate?

This is the metal washer it looks like you are missing. It is supposed to go into the base in that recessed circle area. The spring pushes the spring cover into this washer so it won’t grind up the pivot bearing.

This person is mistaken. The problem he is referring to is with the cheap stock madcatz se joystick that I believe has now been fixed. Does not apply to Sanwa JLF.

Yes, that.