JLF Help.

After playing with Happ joysticks and JLF joysticks. I like how the Happ is a little stiffer and snaps back to center position a little faster and I actually execute moves a little more accurately. But the plate for the scratch build I am working is already on order with a JLF mount. Does anyone know where I can get a stranger spring for my JLF or and trick to make it a little more resistant? I tried stretching the spring on it a bit but cant tell any difference. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

you can try an LS33 spring in conjunction with the jlf spring

Or there was this other seimitsu spring to use instead of the jlf spring, i forgot which it was

Thanks Mortified. I just searched LS33 spring and came across a video. That’s for medium feedback. The LS55 for hard. Ill be trying out both to get the effect I want. Thanks again.

It’s the LS-56 spring. It’s easily twice as stiff as the stock JLF spring, and fits the JLF perfectly. The resistance of the spring is very close to Happ joystick resistance.

You can get the LS-56 spring from Lizard Lick or Focus Attack.