JLF Hori Hybrid/Where can I get microswitches?

Hey guys,

I’ve built a couple of sticks but I’ve always just bought a JLF and called it a day. Now I’m using a Tekken 6 wireless stick case and height is an issue.

I was thinking of keeping the stock Hori stick and just switching out some parts with a JLF. However, if better microswitches is the only thing that makes a JLF better than a Hori, can I just buy new microswitches? If so, what kind should I buy and where can I get them?

Thanks. I hope simply putting in different microswitches is better than cannibalizing a JLF.

The JLF uses these microswitches.
MS-0-2P Microswitch

I’d just replace the buttons & call it a day.
MAAAAAAYBE a new spring, too.

I took an EX2 and replaced the switches with those Sanwa ones, and used the spring and gate from a JLF, left the Hori shaft. Feels pretty nice, though a little tighter than a standard JLF.

This is an excellent solution, but I would go ahead and throw a JLF pivot in there too. The Hori one tends to grind itself into dust.

Only other thing I should probably note is that, due to the smaller size of the Hori actuator, you have a little more “deadspace” between directions and corners.

Thanks for all the info guys - can I just take the switches from my JLF, or are they soldered to the PCB or something?


They are soldered.
But you can use them, or buy them individually like linked above.

I’m so glad I found this post. I’ve been trying to find a fix for my loose FS3 stick. Thanks guys!

Those solder legs won’t hit the plastic housing of the Hori stick?

Will not.

Quick update to anyone interested -

I decided to use the stock Hori stick, but replaced the actuator with a JLF one and the spring with one from an LS-56. Feels pretty good! =)

Thanks for the update, bchan009. I’m going to do the same, keep the microswitches and replace the spring, actuator and pivot. Good to hear you’re liking it.