JLF into Neo Geo MVS cabinet

I knew before I even got my own MVS, that I would not keep the standard american parts for long, now that I finally have my cab in my house and all repainted, its time to swap out those parts. Putting in sanwa buttons is no problem, dremel the holes out a couple of MM and you are set. As for the JLF, I had been looking into what other people did, the easiest option, was to either use a JLW, or take the JLW mounting plate and place it on the JLF plate. Well I have already put too much money into this cab, and I wanted to see what I could do on the cheap, and set off to make my own adapter plate.

I started with a baseplate from an unneeded Hori Wii fightstick, it was the perfect thickness to be easy to cut and drill, but plenty sturdy. I used the IL joystick base to trace the shape, and mark the holes for the mounts that are on the control panel. I then used the Sanwa baseplate to mark the holes the stick.


Went pure eyeballing it on this one, just kept placing down things and making marks. I drilled all the holes larger to allow for fine adjustments if needed.


For the hole in the middle, I had no way of cutting out a circle, so I just dremeled a larger square, it will be covered with the dust washer so it didnt need to look pretty. I used tin snips to cut out the shape of the plate, cutting that tiny square in the middle used 2 cut off wheels for each one!


Had to run to homedepot for some hardware, the only thing I had to buy for this.



Both sides mounted in the panel, one is a real JLF, the other is a madcatz knock off for now:


What the finished product looks like next to the sanwa buttons, I still need to figure out wiring it up, I might make a harness to splice into the MVS wiring.



Good job!

I wonder if you can get a custom dustwasher to fit around the JLF shaft while still clearing that huge ass hole for the US stick.

Other than that, great job.

EDIT: You can simply replace the spring of the MCZ lever with that from a JLF if you don’t want to have to buy a complete JLF kit. The switches are OMRON ones same as in the JLF.

I thought about the dust washer issue, right now, there is the normal one under the large one (stolen from the IL stick) I had thought about gluing the sanwa one to the larger one, just to there wouldnt be a ton of play between the stick and washer like there is now. Thanks for the heads up about the madcatz stick, I will still be getting another stick, as I stole that one out of my spare stick.

Balltop JLW dust washers would work

for future reference a Hole Saw would be better cutting that middle hole for the joystick’s shaft than trying to cut a square whole with a Dremel.
A 30mm hole saw is great for push buttons, although its a tad larger than what you need for a custom joystick mount, the slightly extra large size gives some breathing room.

Also if you had the clearance, a under the panel dust washer should clean up how your sticks look very nicely.

Yeah, a hole saw would be handy for sure, I was going for function over form here, so the square hole works for this. I do have a dust washer under the large one, the stock Sanwa one is there.

I am kind of thinking about how I could convert this panel to 6 button so I could get some other jamma boards, but still keep the neo geo look. That will be a while later though.