JLF Issue

I posted about this before, But no one gave me a definitive sure answer, I got answers in bunches so, Hopefully a video? Will let you hear the force i have to use to push the stick around and see what its doing


Is there a second Dust Disc between the Mounting Bracket and Control Panel?
That would sometimes make it happen.

Is the Washer getting out of place?
That would make it happen.

Is there just not enough lubricant?
That would make for also.

What if the Spring is not seated correctly?
Either not on the hat-shaped thing or the Actuator.

The washer i have seen move around, But i have no idea how id fix it, I opened the stick up and put the washer back in place then it doesn’t seem to move much but i still get the noise i dunno if its coming out and i just cant see it

Im uploading a video now, Of what im currently looking at for you JDM, See if you can tell

pop off that badboy e-clip with a flathead. then the actuator and spring will come off. carefully pull out the spring seat. next, you can pull off the restrictor gate and PCB. or leave it. but you’ll want to clean off the metal washer (that is on the black plastic base) of excessive grease. just a light layer. is fine to leave on. install everything and test for binding/sticking

Turns out it was the spring, Im gonna pick some lube up anyway just to keep it nice, I have no idea how the spring got that way because, Ive never opened the stick till now.

I thought it was the Spring when I saw your video. :wgrin:

Spring doesn’t need lubing by the way.

I know… it’s for the washer and the white piece, JDM’s got a hawks eye for this stuff lmfao

That metal washer most likely doesn’t need lubing either. The problem is it has too much lube if anything.