JLF Issue

Well, before I get into what is wrong a bit of some background info. I let my roommate use my hrap3 the other day, and from what I can tell he got a bit too rough with the thing (using the dreaded grip of doom I might add). After I got it back it seemed fine but after doing a few 360s and some 623s/dp something weird is happening.

Every so often when I move the stick down or in the down-forward/backward position I feel the stick…move something? It’s hard to describe, but it feels like something is sticking out in that area and then my stick pushes it back. Anyone have any idea what the hell is going on?

Open the stick and take a look.

Well see, I’d do that but I don’t have the right tools to do that since I’m in a dorm atm. But even then I’d have no idea what to even look for.

We can’t help until we see it. Get a screw driver, open it. Look at pictures of a HRAP that ISN’T broken, and compare. Sounds like maybe a microswitch became loose

It should look something like this:

And like Steve said, we can’t help you at all unless you look for yourself.

Alright guess I’ll have to find a way to get to home depot or something to buy a screwdriver and pliers to unscrew the nuts on the front plate.

You can always order tools from amazon.

Hello, Thalnos… :slight_smile:

As with the advice of everybody here, open the stick.

Actually, something happened to my custom too. Well, the JLF is mounted on hard plastic, so maybe that’s why. Anyway, basically a classmate of mine who doesn’t know how to handle a stick somehow loosened a screw on my JLF mount. I opened it and tightened it back up.

Heh sup third. Anyways thanks for the suggestions guys, as it turns out the jlf was in fact fine, but the issue was with the inner dust washer. It must have been getting caught or something, so I just took it out and everything feels back to normal.

Glad to hear it. Congrats on your first fix.