JLF Joystick Major Help Please

Hey all, i’ve soldered all the wires to my 360 non-common ground board, i can’t get the JLF-TP-8YT to function, all the buttons work except the joystick

Below is a picture of my JLF PCB and a diagram of how i wired the JLF Harness to the Xbox 360 PCB.



Diagram how i wired the JLF Harness to Xbox PCB


I cut the traces on the JLF following this did i do it wrong?

Also when i switch the wires over for the UP direction and i switch the wires for the LEFT direction, the joystick works up and down only, left and right does not work, so confused =/

Hope this made sense, please anyone help me?

Hate to be the guy that links you to the huge tech support thread, but http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=143234

Lies, you like it really! :smile:

He has already made mutiple posts on mutiple websites trying to build a stick. Always new threads, never looks at exisiting posts and will ignore links you give him that answer his questions. It is kind of funny to watch at this point.

You need to make sure the traces are completely broken and there’s no metal connecting the solder points.

Why didnt you just put these in the other thread you made?

I cant really help as I’ve only used common ground pads, but why didnt you just remove the microswitch’s from the PCB as I suggested in the other thread? At least then you didnt have to cut into the PCB, and considering you were going to be doing some soldering it really doesnt add that much work (There would still be two wires for each direction, just without the use of the harness).

You did a decent job soldering but you didn’t cut the traces nearly well enough.