JLF Link: Stick not as loose now?


So I put a Link into my ps4 TE2 and now the stick doesn’t feel as loose as it did with the stock stick. It definitely takes more effort to move the stick and it doesn’t feel as smooth.

Everything else is still stock. This really sucks because I love the functionality of the link, but I also want it to feel right during play.

Anyone else have this problem and/or have any clue why or how to fix it.


Is this a new Link from focus attack? If so, make sure you grease up the JLF components such as the pivot bushing and then putting some on the Link’s base area as well. The new fire hardened bases have a slight matte finish (which won’t happen in future runs, but stuck with it for now), so you need to make sure you grease it.

If you don’t have any on hand, FA and PA both sell small vials/containers of shin etsu that will last you a good while at extremely inexpensive prices.


Yes, I just got it from FA last week. I actually did order some of the grease just to have it on hand in case I ever needed it.

So the pivot bushing is the white thing right?

I’m assuming just put an extremely small amount of grease on it?



Just go to the grease page on FA and they have a video of how to do it


Like FattyWinnarz said, hit up the how to video, it should help.

The pivot bushing (the white nylon half circle that rests in the socket) tends to be the first thing to dry up, especially when swapping shafts since sometimes the bushing will fall to a surface and lose the grease to that (as well as picking up dust and grime).

Make sure that has some new grease and then on the Link base piece itself where the plastic components slide up and down it during actuation. If it’s bone dry the plastic will stick.

Swapping shafts can sometimes yield a looser or stronger feel, but the action should be smooth regardless of what’s in place. That’s what’s most important, the push strength can be tweaked with springs and whatnot.


Ok so I used the grease on the parts and now the stick definitely feels better. Thanks for the help.


Sanwa 2lb spring from Focus Attack!


Or from Paradise Arcade

Actually Paradise offer more options in terms of spring strength.

Like to give folks a choice in part providers


So I ended up taking out the link and putting the stock stick back in just because it feels so much better. Doesn’t need as much pressure now to dash and move the stick. Sucks because I love the functionality of the link, but performance is everything.


I’m sorry to hear that, but I 100% understand.

I should have done this in the first place, but I’m going to talk with the fab house this week about grinding out that finish back to something more smooth. If/when this happens I’ll re-visit this and get you a new base to try out.

I actually do have some older bases that are not heat treated, so maybe I’d send you one of each to blind test? Always good to have objective feedback.


Yeah, we can do that if you want. I’ll definitely try them out and let you know. PM me if you want to send them out at some point.


Will do, working out the process now so I’m hoping to see adjusted bases sometime soon.


I’m banned so I can start my own thread on the Link. Sucks. Anyway, I bought a Seimitsu Phreakmods Link for my LS-32 and the Sanwa Phreakmods Link for my Hori from Arcade Shock. The thing works great. I didn’t read the rest of this thread but anytime you’re taking apart your joystick you should clean and re-grease it. You can buy a “dab” of grease for each type of stick from FocusAttack. My LS-32 is working better than ever with the Link and it’s awesome. Just my opinion though. Latez…


That goes any time you take apart your joystick.