JLF Links color Poll Input on matching dust cover's?

Just trying to gauge what color’s you guys would like to see. so please pick three colors that would interest you and check out the gallery below for lots of pictures

Would you guy’s also be interested in matching dust covers, if interest is high enough I will look into order getting some stamped at the fab shop. They would be aluminum around 3mm thick and same dimensions as standard dust covers with clear film guard like the one’s use to protect cell phone screen’s to keep from damaging your your pretty art/plexi’s.

Also I’m thinking of expanding the service to include regular JLF shafts as well with either coating the shaft directly or just the shaft cover so they would be removable so let me know if its something you would like to see.

So leave me some feedback


IF you vote option Crazy shit please specify in thread below

:nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck: Rosser’s Link Gallery:nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck:

Would be nice to have some Vermillion up there, nevertheless voted for 3 colors.

yeah It only gives me 10 vote options on poll questions

**Also just to note the pictures of flavors above are just examples your vote is for the color not those examples per say **

Chrome looks slick… Is gold a possibility?

Green on green to go w/ my xbox theme…


the gloss and shade on the gold rim looks NICE!

Some examples of Glow in the Dark Powder coating it looks cool but its spendy



The glow in the dark green would look dope with green led buttons…

There’s also Violet and blue The blue seems like the best choice as it shows white in the day light



Are these still available?

Just pledged… thanks