Jlf microswitches / hyperspin cab / first post




First post here. Seems like not alot of people on other sites know much about jlf sticks but constantly see this site when searching so thought I would join.

Long story short… wanted a mame cab forever, finally built one mk themed.
Just got all my controls and about to wire it this weekend.
Players 3 and 4 use paradise arcade led sticks.

I play alot of fighting games so wanted sanwa jlf’s for players 1 and 2.

I bought a led jlf from paradise arcade with an extended hollow shaft and a 3lb spring.
I really like the 3lb with the long shaft…feels perfect.
Anyway I already owned a jlf that I bought for the purpose of using as a template for finishing my control panel.
When I ordered the led jlf from paradise I also ordered all the parts needed to convert the jlf I already had to led.
(Long hollow shaft,3lb spring,bubbletop)

When the parts arrived I see that the jlf I ordered has microswitches while the jlf I already had uses a pcb with pins/ harness.
Also noticed the jlf I had is louder and the switches dont feel as good.

I would like to convert the jlf with the pcb to just regular switches that I can wire with QD’s.

I figure It would be a good time to upgrade both jlf’s to good switches so they have the same sound/feel.

Ive seen alot of people use cherry switches but afraid of them being loud.

Whats the best/quiet switches to use,and will microswitches just drop in the jlf I have if I remove the pcb board?


You’re gonna want to go over to http://forums.shoryuken.com/categories/tech-talk for that kinda stuff

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