JLF mod & buttons - problem


I did the mod with the sanwa jlf stick from LL and sanwa buttons. I dont know the exact type but its the ones everyone is using basically. My problem is when I play SF4 i get a mssg on the top right that says “THE maximum amount of power has been supllied to usb devices. please remove at least one device.” Anyone know how to fix this? I did the mod exactly as stated in the videos. Now it seems my SE modded stick isnt going to work…shit. Help or advice anyone please


You’re going to have to supply us with some more information dude. PS3 or Xbox360? How many other devices do you have attached via USB?


i really doubt your stick has a lot to do with it. cuz a button mod doesnt demand more power to operate. regardless of whether its a ps3 or xbox, the USB ports are only allocated a certain amount of power, if youve got too many devices plugged in(mouse, keyboard, headset etc.) then you will need to remove one of them.

i would imagine if you had all 4 of your ports on the ps3 charging 4 controllers, then you would get that message. ive never seen it before, but i wouldnt be surprised to see it if that was thecase.


ps3 and i have two standard edition sticks plugged in. Ive done tests were i just use the non modded one and i dont get the mssg. However when i play with the modded one it takes anywhere from5 to 10 minutes before I get the mssg.
thanks for the input guys too I appreciate it. And I only use 2 plugs at any given time ( i think I only have 2) which are the se sticks.


are you using the same wiring for the stick thats been modded? or did you re-wire it?

the only other thing i can think of is if you rewired it with a lower guage wire. it might be drawing too much power. (dont even know if itd be that much to trip your usb ports.)

same sticks (with one modded)? and they both synch with your ps3 fine? no unusual control detection errors?


same wiring with stok SE stik and both SE stiks one that i modded today like half an hour ago


I haven’t gotten that deep into that kind of modding yet, but if it was a PC USB problem, it almost sounds as if the +5V is being semi-shorted to the ground somewhere (like through a resistor). I know you only did a button mod, but is there a chance something got on the PCB? Just as a test, you may want to unplug it and see if you have continuity between +5v and ground (you shouldn’t) with a multimeter.


update: I fixed the problem. It turns out when I unscrewed the stock joystick it had 4 little washers with it on the 4 screws on the mounting plate. I used these also on the JLF. What happened was when I was screwing in the washer on the top right corner it slid into the circuit board through a small hole (circuit board is what I mean by the thing that has the turbo and lock switches). I heard a clanging in there but didnt realize it was the washer until I unscrewed the whole thing and noticed I only had 3. I guess it was drawing electricity from the board which in turn cause the weird power usage mssg I was getting. Stupid error, but thanks for all the help regardless. Just dont be too anxious like I was when installing the parts i guess haha


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