JLF Mod for Hori EX2

Hi, I have a Hori EX2, I would to know if anyone here is experienced doing the JLF mod, and might consider doing it for me??? I need a 4 way controller for playing Pac-Man championship edition.

Might want to post this in the trading outlet.

You must have a lot of money to burn to make a 4-way stick just for Pac Man, lol. You really can’t play that shit with an 8-way?

The JLF sucks for 4 way games. You can still hit the diagonals when the gate is set to “4-way.” Just use a Seimitsu LS-33. It is easier to install anyway in the EX2 case due to its small size.

It’s cheaper than buying a dedicated Pac-man machine. Plus you can’t really get that XBL Championship Pacman on any arcade other than thru Xbox Live.

wanna do it for me??? you seem to know a lot about it… let me know…

yeah I guess, it’s the one and only game I have for the xbox 360…
its the reason why i bought the xbox 360 and 8-way makes it a real bitch to play…

Seimitsu LS-32’s gates are switchable to 4-way.

yeah but can anyone do the mod for me? I just want a dedicated 4-way I can use for my xbox 360… please help!

Like someone else suggested, use the trading outlet.

got a lick for the trading outlet?

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got a lick for the trading outlet?

main page of the srk forums dude. just scroll down.

here in case you dont want to scroll down.